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Terrierman and pheasants

urge to herd

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I follow Patrick Burns  Terrierman's Daily Dose    terriermandotcomdotblogspot.com  Today's post is a bit about the history of pheasant hunting and a LOT of pix of different types of pheasant. There seem to be dozens! ;)  The pix are gorgeous, I was oooing and ahhhhhing. 

Thought some of you might like it.

Ruth & Gibbs

PS Moderators please delete if not appropriate.

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Thanks for sharing this. I would have missed these photos because, although I do sometimes read the blog for the author’s very sensible commentary on companion animal welfare issues, I am not consistent about it.

I keep Coturnix (quail) for the eggs and enjoy some of the other fowl that show up in the FB groups I watch. So, I have seen a couple of these pheasant varieties but certainly not all. What a treat! They are so pretty! 

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Thanks for the mention of those photos.

I never knew there were such fancy pheasants until I met someone years ago who raised three or four different kinds of fancies. They are amazing. I was given some feathers by this lady and still have them - they are so beautiful.

Thanks for the reminder about Terrierman, too. I keep forgetting to read his blog, which I think is very good.

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