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RECALL, where the magic happens?

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 Recall is one of the most confusing issues for me to understand . When i  "Recall" my dog, i am calling the dog to a stationary position (mine). Recall isn't Lets go(leaving) , with me or any call to  motion the dog ,like bring it to me(fetch) or check ins.  It is just the dog coming to were ever i am standing. The only time i  "Recall''  my dog is when she creates a vast distance between us, intentionally.(more than i am comfortable with) 

What is RECALL to you? How do you use it?

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Recall just means come to me. I use it whenever we are off leash and there's a reason I need the dog to be closer to me, even if the dog is only 20 feet away, such as being on a dirt road and a car is coming. It's also for come into the house and any other time I need the dog to come. It's not always stationary or any other one thing, it's just Come To Me Now. It seems pretty simple to me. What about that is confusing to you?

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What D'Elle says ^^^. It means come to me. Whatever the dog is doing, however far or close it is to you, 'recall' simply means come to me. The only time I DON'T use a recall is when I'm going to do something unpleasant for the dog. For example, when it's time for giving him medication, which I do 3x daily, I go to him.

Everything else is simply 'Come to me'.  And I use the word 'come' or 'here' pretty much interchangeably.  I'm curious as to why 'recall' for you means calling the dog only when it is a 'vast distance' away. What word do you use when your dog isn't a 'vast distance' from you?

Ruth & Gibbs

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I think it is complicated for me to understand because i have different calls depending on what i am asking.

I always thought i was missing something when it came to recall, it seems to be very important to most people.

If i want to treat the dog(as a pup) i just call her name. As an adult she will come if i say her name

If i want her to work as a team i say "With me"  she brings it back in and stays closer.

Fetch is "bring it to me" or "to me" 

"Lets go" means we are leaving and to get to my side(ish)

I also have hand signals...i just raise my arm straight in the air and she comes and if i stand ,she returns to me.

So my dogs actual Recall is me standing still or raising my arm into the air(non verbal)  and the other verbal cues i use is for when i am in motion , like calling a dog into heel from a distance.( just an example, the heel)





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2 hours ago, urge to herd said:

Recall is indeed very important. A well trained recall can save a dog's life, keeping it from traffic and such. However you name the action.

This is indeed true. I do name everything including objects and sounds for my dogs. Naming stuff seems to make them more at ease. 

Err umm..... if  Recall was a bag and all my dogs calls where in it, our percentage rate drops dramatically to about 50%...my dog brings her toys back(fetch) 2 feet at a time starting 20 feet away. She moves 2 feet for each call. 

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