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  1. Rosalee, Sorry for the gibberish posts. If my dog was reactive to objects/people that were behind a fence and began to bark and run the property line. I would. Remove my dog from the situation. Change the environment change the behaviour . I would not let the dog back into the yard until i was sure i had already run it out of gas.( doing off leash ,a calm mind is essential. I tire the body to calm the mind. In other words i exercise them before i do anything meaningful ) When the dog is to tired to do anything but lie there i would re introduce it back into the yard for a limited time frame under strict supervision. I want this time in the yard to be nothing but quiet time allowing the dog to digest the moment. As she ages and handles the yard better i slowly increase the amount of time she is allowed in the back yard. Tone of voice , My dog picks up everything she needs to know about any situation from the tone in my voice. When she barks and she does bark, i tell her firmly ENOUGH! A lot of my dogs social cues come from me and barking doesn't have a positive association . Meet and greets. Since your dog is reacting to people and things using the walkway . Walking the dog down the pathway several times a day and introducing it to people and things will expand the dogs range of comfort, it may also comfort the dog to re scent the area. Toys, treats and me(you). These are all the same things to my dog . Being with my dog she knows its about her(at this age and stage of her life)If i put my boots on she knows its because she is going out. The world revolves around her, treating her or playing with her after she has done negative things would only re enforce negative behaviour. No toys, treats or me for doing what she shouldn't. On a personal note, these dogs take about 2 years to set into what you can rely on. I don't count myself out of the woods for anything until around two year of age , until then i stay on top of everything.
  2. Google maps .Burrard inlet Vancouver My dog deals with . Trains (breaking and shunting ) Boats (horns and anchors booming) planes, helicopters, birds, a cannon goes of once a day, o Canada blasted through steam pipes, Cars, motorcycles, bikes, skateboarders , Families , joggers, lightning, fireworks, sirens and whatever else i missed .My dogs world is accosted by the constant barrage of sights and sounds and none of those things affect her on or off leash . I manage what my dog sees and can fixate on.
  3. Do you do off leash training? An opinion about something you don't do, is misplaced(twice). Re reading the original post may provide further enlightenment for you( on the quoted comment ) If you have questions ask them, high jacking a thread with negativity helps no one.
  4. Off leash. Horizon line ,control the length of time he can go before checking in. Bad weather (rain) reduces the amount of traffic and distractions , use it to your advantage. I would just do shorter trips less often and grow into it.(for another 16 months) "If your trying to do better than your already awesome!"
  5. Rosalee, I read it as you are doing exactly what you thought , treating and interacting with the dog because it is barking. Until my dog is 2 years old and sets into who she is i have to manage what she sees and interacts with. If i allowed her to watch the world go by on the balcony i couldn't imagine the amount of consequences it would bring. Being as we are an off leash team it is important to know how she is being affected by the world . Sometimes we have to protect the dogs from themselves until they are mature enough to know better. Keeping them by your side until they develop in my mind is better than giving them the freedom to create more problems.
  6. I joined this forum for a simple reason. I raise my dog alone and although i am experienced raising Border Collies those experiences don't alleviate the pains of raising a pup to maturity. Experience allows me to understand that all things pass and all days end , it doesn't shield me from any pain of day to day border collie process. I find comfort in knowing there are others who struggle in going through the same process. Me and the dog are a team. We are off leash. I build a relationship with my dogs i don't train them. I have one god/hardline command which is Stand!, everything else i teach my dog is optional. Communication is the greatest asset to relationship building and border collies are bred to communicate. I can only offer my perspective on my experiences with border collies, so if i comment its not advice its perspective. I wish you and your teams the very best . (p.s. i find typing and the internet rather arduous so i hope you can forgive my abbreviated / short comments or posts)
  7. Mine likes the ocean , she is more a floater than a swimmer at the moment.
  8. Fetch is very important to us (me and the dog). It does many things, as a 8 to 12 week old puppy they chase and attack it, building dexterity and confidence as well as physical stimulation. Outdoors it is an effect training tool, my dogs learn, find it (scent training). They learn direction left ,right, to me and away. They learn patience , leave it , drop it , to me . It give my dogs a braking system and a check in. Fetch manifests into a lot of things that are important to us as a team. The most important thing for us is it expands our communication. Verbal and non verbal (hand signals) I throw orange balls in the ocean for swimming, sticks into forest for scenting, frisbees/large balls in open fields. This being said there are things that are important to know. I don't use a throwing stick it removes scent and sound from the interaction . Stopping (they skid) and starting(they lunge) is were most damage is done chasing a ball. Frisbees are thrown low to prevent the dogs from jumping. I limit the type of throwing(distance, direction). Fetch is a tool that i rely on to grow my relationships with my dogs.
  9. To stop the biting . You can give the dog something to carry in its mouth or carry something in your pocket that can be given to the dog to hold/chew on to deflect any angst. Giving a treat to the dog when your partner gets back inside the house can also help motivate the dog to return inside more peacefully.
  10. Flex ball by Kong . It is seam less and very kick able.
  11. It might be the lighting, the way it is lit. Making it brighter may help.
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