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Hi, the veterinarian is closed and Randy doesn’t seem in immediate danger so please help me understand if you can.

Randy is a nearly 5 year old red Border Collie, he suffers from Border Collie collapse and hip problems, the hip pain is controlled with medication. Otherwise he is active and until recently seems healthy. He was checked by his vet only a month ago and the vet said he is healthy, however for a week now he has been less energetic and just doesn’t seem to feel well, now this evening he acted like he was choking but he wasn’t, he is kind of spastic acting in his head movements and he is acting off. He is drinking OK. 

Any idea what is wrong with him?


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The only advice I can give is to get him into the vet as soon as they open.  In the meantime, keep a close eye on him so you can accurately describe his symptoms to the vet when you can get in.  Maybe write them down, so you don't forget anything in the stress of the appointment.

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