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  1. Thank you all, I will definitely try your advice. GentleLake he is a rescue dog and I think he is insecure. It would be OK except he is super heavy he is almost 50 pounds! I will post how it all goes.
  2. I feel I must be in an odd situation but hopefully someone here can advise? Stanley my 5 year old dog from the shelter steps on me daily and it leaves really bad bruises on my feet. I am exasperated at this point because it also really hurts! I don't know how to stop him because I'm not even sure he knows he has stepped on me. Help?
  3. I am not an expert but she looks like a border collie to me. she is also BEAUTIFUL!
  4. I am relatively new to bc life and while I do embrace their colliness it is a challenge but a very interesting challenge. :)

  5. Thank you, I apologize for my oversight.
  6. Thank you GentleLake and I will try to get my hands on those books. Also thank you to everyone who replied.
  7. Any idea why Border Collie popularity has increased in the last 2 to 4 years? Is this surge harming the breed? The local shelter gets BCs and BC mixes regularly.
  8. Randy HATES anything agility like but Stanley likes backyard agility. Don't feel inadequate all dogs are just different, Randy is stubborn and ornery but I love him. So please just enjoy your dog, he totally sounds like a winner.
  9. GentleLake thank you for the warning that would be very bad.
  10. Cressa! Thank you so much for telling me about DMWYD thank you thank you!
  11. That is so sweet. Randy has a stubborn streak, he hates being told what to do. LOL But Stanley is a pleaser.
  12. How about Doggy Daycare? Most have options where you can enroll for 2 or 3 days a week to reduce cost. Even if she only went to daycare twice a week her alone time would be greatly reduced.
  13. A few of you may have seen my other posts and know I have two Border Collies. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyway to embrace their unique ways beyond what I already know? I am not a competitive person plus I don't have the energy or finances to travel to competitions, so those are out. The following is a list of what I already do: Randy has flirt poles he loves, tribble(sp?) balls, and Frisbees. Stanley goes for being trained backyard agility plus he really likes playing fetch. He also likes the snuffle mat. They both enjoy hiking although I can't do that as much as would be ideal. I recently ordered a book on brain games for dogs that will be started when the book arrives. Any other ideas? Thank you.
  14. Thank you GentleLake, that all makes sense. I love Stanley to pieces, I am glad I found him!
  15. Thank you urge to herd, I don’t work my dogs nor do I show them. I am curious about what he is just because lol ... you gave a good answer, thank you.
  16. This is my dog Stanley, he is a rescue dog and it is believed he is either a Border Collie or a Border Collie mix however I am thinking he might be a Welsh Collie. Any thoughts? Broken Glass
  17. I would love to engage in fly ball (casually) but I cannot find any near where I live. I am in South Mississippi. Anyone here know of any fly ball trainers or events in this area?
  18. Why was the United States Border Collie Club disbanded? I didn’t know all this about AKC when I purchased Randy, but I am not breeding him anyway, in fact he is neutered. Broken Glass
  19. I thank everyone who replied and I apologize for taking so long to get back here, I have been dealing with a lot. Good news on Stanley though! It turns out that much like a little kid that is overly tired Stanley is just acting out— he wants to go to bed. LOL He sleeps on my bed with me and doesn’t want to go to bed alone so he tried to put me to bed. No, I won’t be going to bed that early...we are working on his behavior and trying to find a good solution. I can hardly believe this but it is funny. Thank you all
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