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  1. @Journey yes he has had a collapse recently, no recent medication, he took his HW and flea/tick meds on the 2nd thank you
  2. Hi, the veterinarian is closed and Randy doesn’t seem in immediate danger so please help me understand if you can. Randy is a nearly 5 year old red Border Collie, he suffers from Border Collie collapse and hip problems, the hip pain is controlled with medication. Otherwise he is active and until recently seems healthy. He was checked by his vet only a month ago and the vet said he is healthy, however for a week now he has been less energetic and just doesn’t seem to feel well, now this evening he acted like he was choking but he wasn’t, he is kind of spastic acting in his head movements and he is acting off. He is drinking OK. Any idea what is wrong with him?
  3. Thank you all, I will definitely try your advice. GentleLake he is a rescue dog and I think he is insecure. It would be OK except he is super heavy he is almost 50 pounds! I will post how it all goes.
  4. I feel I must be in an odd situation but hopefully someone here can advise? Stanley my 5 year old dog from the shelter steps on me daily and it leaves really bad bruises on my feet. I am exasperated at this point because it also really hurts! I don't know how to stop him because I'm not even sure he knows he has stepped on me. Help?
  5. I am not an expert but she looks like a border collie to me. she is also BEAUTIFUL!
  6. I am relatively new to bc life and while I do embrace their colliness it is a challenge but a very interesting challenge. :)

  7. Thank you, I apologize for my oversight.
  8. Thank you GentleLake and I will try to get my hands on those books. Also thank you to everyone who replied.
  9. Any idea why Border Collie popularity has increased in the last 2 to 4 years? Is this surge harming the breed? The local shelter gets BCs and BC mixes regularly.
  10. Randy HATES anything agility like but Stanley likes backyard agility. Don't feel inadequate all dogs are just different, Randy is stubborn and ornery but I love him. So please just enjoy your dog, he totally sounds like a winner.
  11. GentleLake thank you for the warning that would be very bad.
  12. Cressa! Thank you so much for telling me about DMWYD thank you thank you!
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