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Quick question about dogs and cars

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Hi all, it is us again :)


We had a quick question this time. With the nice weather coming back, our Minnie is finally spending a lot of time outside when we are working. Sadly, she has started running after the cars that drive by our house and barking at them.

I tried to grab her and "oh oh" her, but, in the garden there is no way to catch her (big garden, quick dog...). We tried stop and no, in a preventive manner, when we are outside, but doesn't work very well, and this mostly happen when we are working inside.

Any suggestions? It also scares us, because she runs at the cars (there is a fence) while she barks, something she is reproducing when we see cars on our walks.

Reminder, she is about 6 months old.


Sorry, no tax (picture) today, as I am working a bit too much and a bit short on time :(

Wishing you all the best!



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Until she learns to be quiet and relaxed in the garden I wouldn’t let her be alone there. When she is alone it’s easy to chase after cars and bark which is self rewarding behaviour (as the cars move off when she does this - mission accomplished the cars are scared off!:P).

What worked well for one of my mother’s dogs was to call her to you when she barked in the garden. As she only barked and did not chase she wasn’t too far over threshold and could still come when called - although we sometimes had to call twice. When she came we told her a friendly “that’ll do” or “thank you” and go about our business. Repeat when she barked again.

Another thing you can do is to either have her drag a long line so you can reel her in when she sets off or to keep her tethered to you. 
That way you can give her a time out or distract her when she barks.

Once she understands that barking and chasing cars is not allowed you can start leaving her out on her own again while you’re in the house. 


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I'd suggest taking the time to sit with her in the garden on a short leash to desensitise her to the cars, and rewarding calm behaviour.  We've had success with Bailey with this (he's 7 mo now) as he chased cars on the road. There's still a couple of busier roads he struggles with, but my regular calm exposure and making it boring we've seen vast improvements

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I agree with the "start at a low threshold" level.  I adopted a BC they told me chased cars.  It's not a problem at home, but where we hike, sometimes 4WD/ATVs are around.  It was hard for awhile:  having to stop, get a LONG way off the road, reward, reward, reward.  There wasn't anywhere I was comfortable being with him where it was busier and we could be far enough away.  After a year or so of "avoiding" the cars, he's much much better.  We still get a ways off a road if that's where we see vehicles, but don't have to go quite as far anymore.  

And agree with - no free time in the garden if cars are going to go by.  Very hard!  But worth it in the long run.  Good luck!


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