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  1. That's very kind of you to say @D'Elle These forums have really helped us both with the actual training and mentally when we've been worried or stressed about what we should be doing due to lack of 'formal' dog training support at this time. That's also great to know we don't have to give up sofa cuddle time <3 We found without having that at the beginning we struggled to strengthen our bond with him as all his calm cuddly times he was crated, so I'm glad this is still ok! He will be crated/X-pened while we go out, so if we start incorporating that it's a double whammy! Thanks again
  2. Agreed, I think because we HAVE to be at home 24/7 these days with the pandemic, Bailey hasn't really been introduced to the concept of us not being around, and it's something we need to practice. Definitely something to practice at weekends though (and maybe a lunchbreak if we can give him half an hour of attention, then use the other half hour break we have to do something for us out the house [even if it's just running errands where he can't go). Thank you so much for sending me the calming/relaxation protocol! It's really helpful to me to have a structured training plan, and this looks
  3. It's funny you say this, as last night Bailey wasn't settling as he usually would and was being too much of a pest while we were eating dinner so I popped him in the kitchen for a timeout (with the lights off) intending to let him out when he had calmed down/we'd finished eating, and there wasn't a peep! I had to pop in there to put our dishes away, and he had completely crashed out on the floor and didn't even stir with my coming in and leaving! So definite lesson learnt there!!
  4. @Enzsound - i forgot to say, i haven't heard of the calming protocol, but it sounds like something i should check out asap!
  5. Couldn't agree with you more! We were really unimpressed with lots of her 'advice' and won't be going back! Hopefully our new puppy classes will start again in the next few weeks, as i feel we really need the extra support as first time owners. That's good advice of 2-3 min sessions multiple times a day, and that would also reduce the time he gets our attention. We do also ask for certain commands 'in real life', not in a specific training session, such as wait/crossover at road intersections, wait at the door before we go out for a walk, sit for his food, sit/lie down if we've paused on
  6. Hi @Enzsound - thank you for sharing your schedule, it's useful to compare! I was wondering, what do you usually do between 4.30-6pm as you have a gap, and that's usually Bailey's pest time! I do think we need to make his bed time earlier again, it used to be 8-8.30pm but it has been getting later. We hoped this would make him sleep in later, but it's not, he's waking up earlier and earlier... he starts barking/yipping at around 6.45am now (may not be early for some, but we're not overjoyed!) and won't stop until we let him out. We don't want to reinforce that behaviour but he's also still you
  7. Hello all! I'm new here and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Bailey! He's almost 6 months old now and growing every day! We've had our share of trials and tribulations and it has been a steep learning curve, but with the help of this group we are learning more and more and seeing improvements He's a happy chap with a mischievous streak, and falls asleep with his tongue out! Some of his favourite things include: Chasing leaves, his brother Buster (one of our cats), his squeaky ball, making friends!
  8. You're completely right. I think we've been fooled into thinking that he is older than he is by how fast he's grown and that he can do the commands at home, as it feels to us that he 'knows' what to do, but you're right, it's completely different with distractions. For us it has been so difficult not having puppy classes to inspire us to keep to a good training routine, so I hope they start again soon. That's great advice about not doing recall at the 'puppy play' time at the park. With the pandemic it has been essential for us to allow him that opportunity to socialise and play with other dog
  9. Hi @D'Elle - thank you so much for your extensive feedback (I've seen your replies on various other topics and always find your advice useful!). I'm really interested by this as we've been finding the balance difficult. We feel guilty that we're both working 7-8 hours a day where we can't give him any attention, so we try to make up for it at other times, but from what you're saying, maybe we're now going too far the other way? I was surprised when you said we're giving him 5 hours of attention as that sounds like an awful lot when you add it up (and would explain why we are so tired!!). I
  10. Hi all! I'm hoping for some general advice from BC experts on helping us do right by our puppy Bailey (currently 5.5 months) and raise him to be a very good boy! I'm a first-time dog owner, whereas my partner grew up with BCs - but Bailey is our first puppy. I'll admit it was a shock to the system and a steep learning curve, but we're getting the hang of it now! Unfortunately with the pandemic we've only managed to go to a couple of puppy classes so we've been watching youtube videos/following advice online, but we don't know if we're doing it right or if there are things we're missing or
  11. We've used beef pizzels/pig ears etc and our dog loves them but gets through them too quickly and has on occasion swallowed a larger end piece when we didn't manage to get it off him quick enough. We've found some that are 1m long which are great as we don't have to worry about him swallowing it, but they are hard to come by. What we are using now is an olivewood dog chew stick - they don't splinter and are really long lasting, they've really helped our pup through his teething stages!
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