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  1. Hi all, it is us again We had a quick question this time. With the nice weather coming back, our Minnie is finally spending a lot of time outside when we are working. Sadly, she has started running after the cars that drive by our house and barking at them. I tried to grab her and "oh oh" her, but, in the garden there is no way to catch her (big garden, quick dog...). We tried stop and no, in a preventive manner, when we are outside, but doesn't work very well, and this mostly happen when we are working inside. Any suggestions? It also scares us, because she runs at the
  2. Hi Flora & Molly! Thanks for the feedback. Couple of questions. The most important one, about "wistle means treat or play, never a leash". But, if you need to put the leash on, do you need to wait a certain time or, what do you do to separate the idea of whistle and leash? Because I am often confronted with that. When she goes to far away, and I manage to recall her, I put her on a leash so she doesnt run away again. But that does create the link between coming back = leash. How can I separate the two? When you speak about whistle, you mean a regular old style 1$ whis
  3. 30 ft is 40 bucks, getting cheaper by the minute Our flexi is 28 ft. I thought that was so short already, doesnt really allow her to run?
  4. Those biothane lead look awesome. I have one in fabric, that will soak everything it touches. Not ideal. I will try to find a similar 30m lead in europe The monkey game sounds fun to mix things up, thanks! We have a big field next to our house that allows plenty of training in open space, it will be easy to broaden the distance during the exercises. Edit: found them. 100$ for 100ft 70$ for 65ft
  5. As we thought, we need to go back to basics Recall training. I hope we can make it fun again with your game suggestions We are also trying to find a new leash that is longer than 8 meters. Cant find anything on amazon. We have one but its not a self recalling one(dont know how you call em), so, it is going to be messy in the fields with a huge leash on the ground
  6. I do have one like that, where i call her with an old lady's high pitched voice (i am a dude). it works, if there are no birds
  7. @gcv-border We started to leave her off leash after a week or so. Its our vet, who also has BC's, that told us to start as soon as possible of the leash. Training for recall has always been: let her go her way, call her, and as soon as she is there, lots of cudle and a treat or two to congrat her. The truth is, it worked so well, that we stoped the positive reinforcement after a few weeks, since she was coming back every time when we called her, we took it for granted. We never tried to run after her, we see how fast she moves... But when we start moving off the path toward
  8. Thank you. Yes, at our first vet visit, she told us it was "not a good idea" as a first dog to take a BC. But, my gf choose that her next dog would be a BC, 20 years ago... We have a question. She is used to do those daily walks, but 3 times a week its with 2 other dog friends. All 3 have no leash as she doesnt run after birds when the two other dogs are there. Do we need to stop the walks with those other 2 friend-dogs? As using a leash with them will be a real issue (they play and roll and... you know).
  9. I am not sure I was clear on a couple of points, when reading your answer: - she knows what "Minnie, come" means she does it all the time, except when she prefers playing with other dogs, or chasing birds. otherwise, "come" will make her come imediatly. That is also the reason she was alowed to be without a leash in the first place. because she would stop when asked, come back when asked, etc. she knows sit, lay down, park(sends her to her place), wait, stand, slower, "uh-oh", leave it, no, paw (gives paw), other paw (gives other paw), etc She knows all of those, and will do th
  10. Thank you for your reply. Her name is Minnie, like Minnie Mouse, because of her colors. Do you have any advice, during training, on how to handle it when she ignores the command? I know we are not supposed to repeat ourselves, we do our best not to. But how are we supposed to do, when we give the order, and she does nothing (even when she knows it)? Some people said we had to be harsher to make her understand we are the boss, but, we have never been like that with her. It feels... Wrong. Maybe it is our mistake? I did not mention it in this post, but she is our first dog/
  11. Hi D'Elle, Thank you for your feedback. On that point, the issue is, uhm, have you tried running AFTER a running BC? Once she is couple of meters away, catching her is imposible, thats when it gets complicated. At that point, trying to catch her is a game for her, she will run away, and once you manage to grab her, putting a leash on her, does not seem to convene any message. She had her fun, she knows now is the time to go home anyway. I am out of ideas on what to do to make her understand we are really not happy with her going that far away. Since we never punish her (we use c
  12. Thank you for your reply. A lot of things you said are reinforcing what we already tough. We will see when we have more replies, if everyone thinks the same For the teenager "years", we heard it will until she was 1,5/2 years old... That would be really long
  13. Hello Everyone, We are back with a big issue and tons of other questions and hope you can help us out again She is now almost 6 months old, and everything is going well. She started training in a very chill dog school, only positive reinforcement. We love it. Our first question/big problem, that we really need to resolve: Couple of weeks ago we had our first major incident, that has tarnished our joyful walks. Those walks are daily (sometime twice) through the field, with no leash. About 3km each time. After a few weeks of those walks, she started to run further and furth
  14. Thank you everyone for reasuring us. We will try to find the next "best" training school, untill we get one that does not use any aversive methods fo schooling.
  15. Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. We have encountered a little issue, and were hoping you gals and guys can help. After asking around, we found the best training school of the area. I called and had a very good contact. They invited me when they reopen around end of January (currently in lock-down), and everything was peachy. The next day, I talked with my neighbor who told me he know the school, and casually told me "yeah and a choking collar is mandatory". I freaked out... And honestly god mad. As i mentioned in my previous post, it is our first dog. Whe
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