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  1. Thank you everyone for reasuring us. We will try to find the next "best" training school, untill we get one that does not use any aversive methods fo schooling.
  2. Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. We have encountered a little issue, and were hoping you gals and guys can help. After asking around, we found the best training school of the area. I called and had a very good contact. They invited me when they reopen around end of January (currently in lock-down), and everything was peachy. The next day, I talked with my neighbor who told me he know the school, and casually told me "yeah and a choking collar is mandatory". I freaked out... And honestly god mad. As i mentioned in my previous post, it is our first dog. Whe
  3. Hello everyone, I hope not to jynx it... But after a week, I am here to report that our lil pup is behaving a lot better with more sleep. When she starts to get over exited around 6-7pm, the bad kind, we simply bring her to her pen, and she will gladly go to sleep in her pen. When it is too much, and it doesnt work (happened twice), we put her in her crate, with a blanket over it so she cannot see us. This will put her to sleep in a couple of minutes too. So... Yay! Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the helpful and kind messages. We took note and decided to be more consistent with the crate/pen when the zoomies start. The first "uh oh" lands her in her pen. If we see she is really tired, we put her in her crate instead. Always with a lot of love, of course She loves her crate, and we want to keep it that way We also took note of that article, and will do less fetch kind of games and more mental training and trails/walks. Yesterday was good, as we put her immediately in her crate (not pen) when she started showing signs of over tiredness.
  5. Greetings Everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading on the forum, but I cannot seem to find information to help us with our issue. First, a bit of context. We adopted a female BC a months ago, when she was ready to leave the litter. She is now 3 months old and had her shot (that allows to see other dogs ) last week friday. It is our first dog, and lots of people tell us it was a mistake to take a BC as first dog. But, we really dont care. We just want to do things right by her She has been potty trained after 8 days, listens most of the time to the basic commands (sit, leave
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