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Is my puppy the right weight?

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My puppy's name is Niko, he is 6 months old (7 on 02/19).

I have started to worry because I feel he is getting very heavy and I have compared his weight to charts online and he is way above average.

He measures 19 inches (49cm) from his paw to the top of his butt and he is currently 36.2 lbs (16.5kg). On 01/11 he weighted 33.4 lbs (15kg).

I was told by the breeder his dad weighs 55lbs.

I don't feel I over feed him and we are very active! I do 1 3/4 cup of kibble (wellness puppy formula) per day plus his training treats (pea size pieces of chicken or hot dogs).


How much did your pups weigh at this age?

Thank you!




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Doesn't look overweight to me. He looks like a pup with a heavy-boned build who will be a large border collie, and if his father weighed 55 pounds, that may be where he is headed.  (unless his dad weighed 55 pounds due to being overweight). Did you see the father when you got the pup?

You should be able to see or feel a significant upward slope from his ribs to his belly, and be able to feel his ribs when you move your fingertips lightly along his sides, ideally. If he's a little heavier than that I wouldn't worry much about it at this age as he may be growing into it. 

There are charts you can find online to show you what a dog's body should look like at an ideal weight. Compare your pup to those.


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There's another thread currently active that deals with many of the same issues that you may want to take a look at. It includes a link to instructions on how to measure your dog's height at the withers, which is what people use as a standard for measuring height.

Unfortunately your question about what other people's pups weighed at the same age isn't going to give you any useful answers. That question has been asked in many past topics and it pretty much ends up the same way, that there are too many variables in the sizes  border collies end up being as adults and no reliable way to predict what a puppy's adult size will be. It's much more important to assess your pup's current body condition at the different stages of growth and be sure to maintain a good, lean condition throughout his life.



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