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  1. Hello!! I have also been struggling a lot with my 15 week old Puppy biting (it started getting rough), up until this week actually! We tried the helping and the redirecting to a toy and those didn't work. One of the tips they gave me in this forum was to put him in a time out in his kennel/crate, NOT as punishment though! Niko is pretty used to his kennel now, as we always feed him in there (door is always open) and sometimes play crate games, throw a ball in there or hide a toy/treat for him to find. Whenever Niko starts biting and growling I try to get him to sit/down, and say in t
  2. Got it! Thank you again, these tips are so useful as always. We already put his food bowl in the kennel, sometimes I play fetch with him and throw the ball in there too, he is starting to like it, I can tell because sometimes he takes his toys in there to play (door is always open unless we put him there) and then naps in there. The 'place' thing sounds really good! I'll include this in our training.
  3. Thanks Michael! I am actually trying to teach him his toys names to eventually hide them for him to find, still no success tho lol. We have the tug toy, everytime he starts using his teeth on us we grab it (have tried with his other toys too) to divert his attention to it but it's like he doesn't care about them. We have already scheduled evaluation classes to eventually start an obedience course, but they are not until next week.
  4. Thank you D'Elle! I was actually afraid that that would be a thing... To get him used to always do something. I will start working on time out with him, my question is, should we put him in the kennel for this? I was told that the kennel should not be used for time out/punishment as it is a place he should like? Is this true? I'll also stop with the stairs exercise, i didn't think about it enough and you are right. I'm now looking up kiko pup! Thank you so much!!
  5. Hi everyone! Lili here! My puppy's name is Niko, he is 14 weeks old. He is our first border collie so I'm gonna be posting many more questions! This time it's about indoor activities recommendations. For now this is the activities we have been doing DAILY with him and it was kind of working. •20-30 minutes outside playing ball with us. •About 2 training sessions (1 in the afternoon and 1 at night), each of about 5 minutes •He plays with his treat puzzle for about 5 minutes. •One 10 minute walk. The rest of the day he is sleeping, playing with his to
  6. Thank you all so much for your replies! Everything is really valuable info, I will keep everything in mind and make the necessary changes to keep him safe and healthy.
  7. Hello everyone! Lili here We got Niko 2 weeks ago, he is such a lovely boy! Very energetic, super smart and sweet! I have so many questions though. I have read so many articles about border collies and we scheduled a visit to a training school but it's until mid November. So I was wondering if you guys could help us out in the meantime. Here is out daily routine: 1. We live in an 2 story apartment, he is with me the whole day (I am unemployed atm) the only times he goes out during the day is to go potty (we make it short because he is still missing his last shot and is in
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