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Hermaphrodite puppy - any experiences or opinions?


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My 8 month old smooth coated working line pup is most likely either a partial or full hermaphrodite. She presented completely female until about 5 months, when a small pink bony process began to protrude from the vulva. Vet has examined her and thinks probably either an enlarged clitoris or os-penis. We don't really know for sure what organs she has internally and haven't done any ultrasounds etc. to look just because vet doesn't think it'll probably make much difference in her treatment.

Right now our plan is to proceed as per usual, which is to spay/neuter/speuter at around 12-14 months old, or next spring. Vet will take out everything that happens to be in there but most likely leave the bony process alone, since as of right now she has no issues with it. No irritation, no UTIs so far. If we did remove it we'd likely have to go to a much more expensive specialist so we're avoiding that unless necessary for her health.

Funny enough, we doubt it's related, but we have her full-blooded brother from 3 years ago who has an undescended testicle. Attached a photo for those who are curious. I'm just putting this out there if anyone knows anything behind the genetics of hermaphrodite border collies (if it's a known genetic thing?). Or even if anyone's experienced something similar I'd be curious how it went, how they developed, etc.



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@ShaynaWGC, how did things work out for your pup?

I had never heard of hermaphroditic dogs until running across a brief article just recently. Odd that you're posting about it at just about the same time.

I'm guessing you've probably notified the breeder of both this pup and the older full brother. I only ever bred 2 litters but didn't repeat one b/c of an undescended testicle in one of the pups. I'd be very leery about repeating breeding parents that have produced both conditions.


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@GentleLake so...yes. Funny story...almost right after I posted this my pup went into her first heat cycle.

According to the breeder (who we did notify after the first boy we got had a retained testicle. I hadn't realized it could be genetic and we got another pup from him because of how great their temperaments were), she actually started on the same day as one of her sisters from this litter.

The heat cycle has seemed pretty typical to me, although I felt like it was pretty messy (had to change a LOT of sheets etc. because she wasn't too great at cleaning herself). I've also never had an intact female before.

It lasted about a month total from first very faded spot I noticed until she was just barely having discharge. Her vulva swelling up actually hides the little os-clitoris so she looks pretty normal right now.

Plus...ahem...I definitely knew when she ovulated because her neutered brother wouldn't stop trying to mount her for two days straight. Other than the longer length of the heat everything seems pretty normal? So who knows I'm confused. 

Right now our plan is to stay the course. In February it will be about 2 months since her cycle ended and I've asked my vet to take pics if she can while she's in there removing things. If there's anything suspect we're going to a specialist! I'll probably update then.

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