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pissin' puppy


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Where to post, where to post?

I have a new puppy, now 3 1/2 months old. Pisses in his crate, always has. Pissed in his puppy crate on the way home despite numerous stops and kept right on doing it when we got home.

Doesn't matter what you put down, he just keeps on pissin'.

Out of the crate he's pretty good.

Health problems ruled out.

He's obviously got the wrong idea.


Andrea de Kenedy

Toronto, ON

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Guest PrairieFire

Hey Andrea -


How squished is he in his crate?


I had a runt from one litter that I had to buy a cat crate for - and give her very little room for, uh, "other activities" besides sleeping...

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Cat carriers with a bare floor have worked wonders for all 3 of mine. Pepper was in a cat carrier until almost 3 months. She was a tiny thing. Yu-Gi out grew it in about 2 weeks.


BTW, Pepper has always pooped in her crate. For the longest time I couldn't understand why. Then it came to me. Poor Pepper was signaling to get out to potty, but she does so silently. As soon as I figured this out, problem solved. Now when I hear her claws clicking around as she turns to look for the bathroom, she goes out. Ya gotta be a light sleeper with this one.

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Ha! You think you two have problems with a mere 3 1/2 months olds?


I dropped a 8 months old at the vet's office,I keep getting calls on my cell on "how to's".

Darn thing,she does it outside but hold a little back for the crate. IMHO,they're not stupid,they just want to see us bend over,scrubbing kennels all the time.


It could be worse though,like having no dogs.

I feel so sorry for myself,all my dogs are gone. I should cherish the moments,no scrubbing kennels,runs,no walks,no feeding. Instead,I'm feeling like an useless rag,staring at walls. :rolleyes:

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Where are all your dogs Inci? Everything OK???


I know what you mean...My Tucker Pup, Maddie is the worlds worst. At 20 months, she has almost every day of her life done something to drive me crazy...from Pooping her crate 5 minutes after I walk her to eating my bra and costing me 1500.00. At this rate, she better win the nursery finals this year or I am spaying her and selling her. At this rate and with her temprament she is trying to kill herself by the age 3... Talk about High maintenance. Mutter mutter cuss cuss.

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Originally posted by ikw:

It could be worse though,like having no dogs


What's up with that? Seems like a drastic solution to a little pissin' ha ha.


Actually, I'm thinking of chaining him to the rad in the kitchen rather than crating him. Use that classic BC reluctance to eliminate while on lead. Terry, are you there? Here's where you tell the story about the alligators and pottying dogs at C 54.


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A small bare crate has worked for me with some difficult pups/dogs. However, if they still pee (or worse poop) you have a real mess especially if they squirm around in it.


I think that a pup/dog that "should" be crate trained but who continues to pee might do so because they become anxious and upset in the crate. It seems to be more common in pups who don't seem to settle when crated near other dogs, who persistently cry for their humans or who are so high energy that the crate is an agony.


I have found that crating these difficult ones right next to me as much as possible helps. With the terrier pups I put them in a crate on my computer desk so that they have me in view while I am playing computer games and posting and such. Also, I have a nice little foam mattress so that I can sleep on the floor practically face to face with them. When they rustle around and whine, I wake up and take them out. After a period of time, they seem to be generally reassured and calmer in the crate.


If all else fails I just buy about 20 cheap towels at Walmart, stack them on top of the crate and put a cleanup kit(plastic garbage bags, good paper towels, mild cleaner and an odor destroyer) next to the crate.I set it up so that complete cleanup is as easy as possible because I am operating on the assumption that the smell of past pees is part of the reason the pup is inclined to pee there again. There are laundry deoderizers now that claim to remove all scent so I wash my dog laundry in a febreze laundry deoderizer. If a towel is incredibly disgusting, I just pitch it (this reduces my grouchiness and helps me keep my temper). The cheap towel means less to me than does avoiding the agita of scraping poop off it or figuring out how to keep a sopping pee soaked towel around til laundry time.


Now, if somebody can suggest a solution to poop eating that doesn't involve putting food additives in all my dogs' food, I'll have it made!

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Most of the dogs are checked at Candace Terry's kennel. 3 old ones at the local vets where they require medical attention,2 are at my brother's and 1 at the orthopedic surgeon's office.


Husband not OK and I have to stay in Pittsburgh where they flew him. He came through his surgery with flying colours but they won't send him home even after his vitals are back to normal.

For his 50th birthday bash,he was supposed to be sailing the Caribbeans,so he wants pictures of the blue waters hanging in his hospital rooms.

Poor fellow.


Suppose Maddie wanted a bra for herself and was trying to get you see that by gobbling it up?

Get the girl a training bra.

What if....she'll win the Nursery Finals? you'll still sell her? Naw,me thinks you'll have a change of heart.


Bye all,heading back to Pitts and be back sometimes Monday or Tuesday.


PS: Glad all the lambing is done and are fed very well by 3 very skilled stockmen.

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Good luck Inci,

I will be thinking of you and your husband!!!!


Training bra??? Huh, you wouldnt have thought she would have even spared a burp for my bra, but damned if it didnt put her in a world of hurt!!! And you are right, Nursery finals or not, she is here to stay...I just hope she doesnt commit suicide by age 3...sigh.


On the note of the bra, My so called friends bought me a black leather one complete with studs for my Christmas present (guarenteed to be completely doggy edible and the metal studs guarenteed to show up on xrays...HOW CONVENIENT)....which was proudly modeled by none other than Mr. Macrae at the Wilsons winter trial when he walked to the post. Will the humiliation never enddddddddddddddddddddd... I think I need to buy a new dog AND new friends!!!!

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They let anyone on these boards.

Seen the pissin pup headline, started laughing and thought, "God this blackacre is crazy. Then, I see your signature.



It may be cheaper to recycle your old bras through the salvation army.


My pup is totally crate broke...nanana. However, he is dumb shit...literally. And he is full of it. He has NEVER came in the house from outside without crapping. I know sometimes that they get mixed up but he doesn't get in. At least I won't have to worry about him taking a dump on the trial course!



I am sorry to hear of your husband's health crisis. It appears that he is progressing. Hang in there.



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Is Andrea's pup the same breeding as the one i had Sam? The perfect one who never went in a crate until, well, you know, he went and stayed with an un-named friend who needs a new bra? :rolleyes:


Andrea -- I found mine did better if he had water free choice and it wasn't restricted. He peed in the crate twice while i had him and both times it was because he hadn't had water and then tanked up and then got crated. He did better if i just put a bucket of water in the crate with him all the time, like on the road. He was a really clean puppy though and some of them seem to be better about it than others.


-Robin French

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Hey, good insight Robin. He does in fact tank up periodically after ignoring water for a few hours. I'm always a little worried about dehydration so I've been reluctant to restrict water when he's out of the crate. Think I'll try giving him a bucket in his crate instead. Thanks.

Yep, same breeding. Sam girl, looks like we are bad mothers after all.


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Hangin in here. We're sure to bundle up good when we go out. Hey we're having a heat wave this weekend with temps above or at freezing. Been thinking about loading the generator back on the trailer for Feb 1 & 2; hopefully it'll be a little warmer by then.


I'm a little bummed about canceling the DIY Fun Trial, but you have to have enough people to make it worth it. We had very limited interest for this weekend. I'm not too sad about not having to stand out there.

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