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  1. Oh I can understand the reason for describing the test as one that identified carriers. I'll be the first one to agree that getting this test "out there" was a lot of complicated work and I think that in such situations things aren't going to workout 100% the way we would like them to. Optigen gave me their breeding recommendations in a private communication. I would advise that you to check with them if you have any doubts about my reliability. I thought you would have done that already. I don't mean that I would have but knowing you to be thorough and detail oriented I would expect y
  2. I didn't realize that the Optigen test was such a powerful diagnostic tool. The test was often presented as being a test "for carriers," and I was careless in the fact that I accepted this simplistic description as the complete diagnostic scope of the test. I assumed that the test was of a positive/negative nature. So it would be Yes the gene for CEA is present or No the gene is not present. I looked at the website again when my test results arrived and read the Optigen's own description of the test carefully for the first time. Only then did I understand that Optigen believes that it
  3. As many of my fellow parents know, entire school systems are currently disallowing certain "food" substances like peanuts. Our town in NH (a state notorious for the failings of its public education system) has found within itself the resources to entirely ban peanuts from its elementary school even though it won't identify my son's moderate learning disability because it "can't justify the cost". The reason for the peanut ban? One little girl with an allergic response to peanuts. While most of the children in the school are not allergic to peanuts and some of the children in the school
  4. Good Job Melanie! Solo is a very lucky dog to have a skilled and loving owner like you. Congratulations Solo! Thanks for providing Melanie with one of the only real challenge she has ever faced.* *Phd notwithstanding
  5. I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe you could have a premium jar for $10 with past winners and past national champions in there and have a regular $5 jar for the slightly less illustrious. Or would that cause hurt feelings?
  6. Wow that run sounds very familiar! I'm still too full of stagefright to clearly remember the details like you, but: Nell did a good outrun to the left and did not get sucked in by a marshy dip on the way that brought some of the other youngsters in a bit tight. She lifted them well but then rushed at them a bit and was slow to take a lie down early on the fetch. I was able to keep her on the pressure for most of the fetch but I still got her too far up on the flank and they started to split as they neared the post. I got them round the post in a very ugly fashion (still happy to have kept
  7. So Mark, Tell me about your run! Nell and I went into PN last weekend and she got a purty orange ribbon in spite of my best efforts to ruin the run entirely! Marg
  8. Hey gals, Welcome home Sam! Thanks for replying. Just got home from my lesson with Carol and now on the run to kids' soccer practices. I have a couple of questions that will have to wait til tonight or they won't make any sense. Course there's no guarantee that I'll make sense later but I'll have more time to try.
  9. Sheepdog-L has an open membership, meaning you don't need approval from the moderator to join, but I don't know if you can read there without a membership. I'll send you an email with the post in it. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sheepdog-L/
  10. I've been oblivious! I pulled about 6 off my poor pups head and neck tonight after a couple of walks in the woods. Cool weather and some rain brought the lil bassages back en masse.
  11. Hi Caroline, Thanks for replying. Is your friend aware of the post on Sheepdog-L regarding this issue?
  12. J and T*, Thanks! *Hey Terry, I always nap before crafts. This week it's an early start on Christmas coasters, (the unusable yarn weaving plastic canvas kind). For those I had to nap before AND after.
  13. I?m interested in deafness, in part because I trained as a teacher of the deaf and in part because of the occurrence of deafness in Jack Russell terriers, a breed that I have had some experience with. Because deafness is such an important issue with regard to stockdog work, I wanted to share my thoughts and raise a couple of questions that seem important to me. Also, at the end of my post I have linked to Dr. George Strain's website, a site that seems to be an excellent resource on deafness in dogs. Scamper, my 12 year old Jack Russell terrier, BAER tested normal at around two years of ag
  14. I can't seem to find anything that tells me who the judges were. I know it's probably hiding in plain sight, but could somebody point at it for me or even better, tell me who judged the open finals? I know the nursery judges, but for some reason I have it in my head that nursery and open have different judges... I figure since I've already asked one really dopey question about the nursery scores that I might as well ask another one about open.
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