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  1. I believe that presence and power are two different things. I had a dog with great presence that was weak as water. A post in the new Shepard's Group by Wendy Roller gave what I thought was a very good analogy of presence and power.
  2. ts

    Getting sheep

    Thought of another M sheep......Merino and you would not want them.
  3. ts

    Getting sheep

    Are you sure that sheep are dog broke and not dog abused....there is a big difference. (Were the dogs that worked the sheep, good working dogs) Besides the breed of sheep, you need to be sure that they are healthy. Are the ewes bred? What age are they? All these things need to be considered. Generally, Columbias and Suffolks are the heaviest(do not mean weight) breeds to work and may not be the best to start a young dog on. Off the top of my head I can only think of the Montadale breed of sheep that start with M. You really need someone with experience to see the sheep to
  4. Sue, As a person, who in a former life who used to breed Suffolk show sheep,we used various "not natural" methods to bring the ewes into season. The most common practice was implanting 1/2 of a synchomate pellet (cattle used a full pellet) in the ewes and them pulling after nine dayds so the ewes would come into heat. Of course, the ram had to have fertility shots. Or you could sponge the ewes. These methods are not cheap and but you can justify it---if you are getting about $600 per lamb. It is also labor intensive. You mentioned breeding in summer. You will have to keep the rams
  5. Thad's response regarding the shock collar is one of the best that I have read. The first sentence should become a classic. Since the great handler's with almost perfect timing do not use shock collars, why should the rest of us handlers think of it as a viable method to train a dog on livestock? Terry Sheaffer
  6. Sue, I am a little confused as why sheep would be spotted so close to the fence at a trial. You definitely want a dog strong enough to take sheep off of the fence but not on an outrun at a trial. Taking sheep off of the exhaust (If you are dumb or unlucky enough to let the sheep get to the exhaust and put your dog in that position --and I have been that dumb and dumber more than once!) would be a truer test of the dog's strength. However on an outrun, I thought that it was traditional and fair that the dog have enough room at the top to make a proper lift without disturbing the sheep
  7. Make sure that it is outside. I donated lambs usage for the nativity scene for a church service. Lambs were not housebroken. The lambs also did not like the marble floors going to the pen. I walked the lambs down the aisle to the pen. A dog herding in a church was a little much for me. Did not do it again. Bottle baby lambs are good for these kind of things. This could be a real ho ho ho.
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