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Here's the situation: I saw an ad online someone in town posted asking for dog training help, and the situation sounded a bit emergent so I replied and the result is that I am going over there to give a hand. This is something I am doing  now that I have retired, when it seems appropriate and without charging for it. In this case I have a woman with a 12 year old. They've never had a pet of any kind before so are completely clueless. They adopted a small dog from the shelter and now are confused and so is the dog, but after emailing and talking with her I know I can help.

I am not going to try to teach her how to clicker train. Doing it right takes practice and I think it is is a bit too much to ask for someone who knows literally nothing. I will suggest instead that she use the principles of clicker, but using her voice, saying "yes!". I can impart a lot of info to her, and am offering ongoing support on the phone and in person. At the same time, I want her to be able to expand her understanding and knowledge on her own, so I will recommend to her some good books.

In case she's not really much of a reader I would like to recommend good websites she can visit. Can any of you recommend a website that is simple, easy for a rank beginner, and positive-reinforcement based without necessarily using a clicker? Just basic training; I will steer her toward kikopup for tricks.


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I don’t have any recommendations as far as specific training techniques—perhaps others will—but there are three websites that I would recommend to a new dog owner:

Patricia McConnell’s https://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theotherendoftheleash/

Kathy Kawalec’s https://cognitivedogtraining.com/blog/

Eileen Anderson’s https://eileenanddogs.com/about/

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Gentle Lake: Yes, I am going to suggest to her to use a marker word "yes!", as I said in my post above. I was only thinking that I would not send her to clicker sites so as to keep things very simple for her. Maybe my thinking is erroneous on this. Probably is. :D

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. :-)


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15 hours ago, GentleLake said:

It's a simple substitution so shouldn't be too hard for her to understand. And it will open up tons of good sites -- possibly some of the best ones -- that you'd otherwise leave out if you limited yourself to ones thgat only use marker words and not clickers. ^_^

Very true. I am probably not giving her enough credit for being able to get it. My concern was about using a clicker right: exact timing is everything, don't let the child play with it, and so on. But all the info I am going to give her translates just fine as you say. Thanks. :-)

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