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  1. Pretending he hasn’t been driving me crazy lately. 5 month old Wheeler
  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending love!
  3. Wheeler is on his first camping trip. He’s one happy camper!
  4. I have no experience,but seems like everyone uses CBD these days for anxiety (and everything under the sun). Worth asking a vets opinion. My vet vet said it would be worth a try (for a different issue) with my senior dog.
  5. Kevin is SO cute! My big dog (not a BC he’s a mix of Staffy, GSP, SharPei, husky) was quite the vocal pup. He learned quickly it wasn’t ok to talk back or bark at everything. Now when he barks I know I need to pay attention. We tend to use the same words to train all of our dogs. Then they all have the same boudries to follow. We avoid the word no, mostly because it’s easy for us to say no to anything but leaves our dogs unsure of what we expect. Physical contact, not hitting or hurting just touch, can help reinforce what’s being said. Barking puppies get a “quiet” with a (gentle) hand around the snout. I don’t hold their mouths closed, I just want them to register the word with closing their mouth which makes them quite. When they do what’s asked we always say “good” and get a pet head to tail. My BC pup Wheeler is my first really mouthy pup. For mouthing/biting, I say “ouch! Don’t bite!” I add a little drama to how I say it and push the snout away. If it continues I grab his scruff (not to hurt) and pull him back and tell him “don’t bite” with a more serious tone. If that doesn’t work he gets rolled to his back and I tell him again. If he’s calmed down he gets praised “good” and pet. If he’s still sassing he goes in his bed (crate). We haven’t had too many timeouts in bed. Mouthing on items (couch, shoes, other non toy/living creatures) is “leave it” and we actually remove the dog from the item and offer a toy.
  6. Do you have any friends with dogs that may let you come by to play? My pup is about 20 weeks now. We have other dogs at home, but he was a tad sketchy his first few walks. He seems to be more confident and comfortable with strangers and other dogs now. He has commmands we practice at home, with positive reinforcement, that we also use while we walk. Good behavior earns him treats and he loves treats. Due to Parvo being prevelant in our area, we waited until he completed his vaccinations. For us, this was the best choice. Always make the best choice for your situation. If you don’t have your own yard, maybe he can walk in the street (obviously not a busy street) to keep out of dirt or potential risky areas. Lots of toys at home will help keep him busy too. Enjoy those moments when he decided to sleep too! Mine still naps pretty good (better then my kids ever did). He a very handsome boy!
  7. Personally, I have found that it is untrue that dogs will put on weight due to being altered. I had 2 that were a bit plump and quickly lost weight when we adjusted feedings and exercise they maintained healthy weights. We had been way over feeding. Our dogs after that have all maintained healthy weights now that we better understand proper feeding proportions. Edit to add: watching your dogs body type and adjusting their feeding is better then sticking to a set amount of food. My chihuahuas are both small but my 4lb chihuahua requires more food then my 9lb chihuahua. Through the year the amounts will vary a bit depending on their activity and the weather. The same with my 90lb pit (who has since passed away) and my 75lb gsp mix. GSP mix is very active and required much more food then my pit who was unable to be as active due to being disabled (he was born with severe birth defects to his front legs).
  8. Thank you for this. I see many vets within a reasonable distance.
  9. What are your personal thoughts on when is the best age to neuter? I plan to do further research on my own. I have also searched through older post but the word “neuter” is brought up a lot so I’m sorry if I missed the answer to my own question. Also, I hope it’s appropriate to ask here and isn’t controversial. All of my pets have been spayed/neutered. Most are from my time in dog rescue where all pets were fixed before 5 months old. My oldest dog (nearly 14 yo, purebred dachshund) was fixed at age 5 only because I was lazy. I have only had 1 dog unfixed and he was 14 years old when I adopted him from the shelter and his health was not good, due to age and not being well cared for in life, so he could not be neutered. My pup is still very young (19 weeks) and I have no desire or reason to breed. Over the years I’ve read a lot of contradicting information and have heard many vets with different perspectives. I like hearing personal preferences/experiences. I have found, sometimes, personal experience is equally as informative as actual clinical research. Sideways picture just because I like to show off my boy.
  10. I have a similar situation with my senior doxie. He is nearly 14. I’m surprised the damage a smallish super old dog can do to me during a nail trimming. We have to muzzle him and it takes 2 of us to get the job done. Personally I have not found CBD to be helpful with this, but have with other things. For pain, aside from his prescription meds, our senior dogs take Green Lipped Mussel supplements and they seemed to help. I’ve also used liquid supplements, Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine, Hip and Joint Formula ordered on Amazon.
  11. Maybe try clicker training videos on YouTube And sometimes dogs from shelters benefit from more puppy like training. Clicker training is very positive and starting from the basics can really build confidence. It’s great for bonding too.
  12. “I want to run. Everything is scary. Why are baby humans so obsessed with me? I want to catch everything! I need to get my human kids rounded up, but something keeps pulling me back. So much stranger danger. Mom said I am good 10987 times. 600 treats. My human brother is a good dog trainer. Can we do this everyday?“ -Wheeler A.’s first walk thoughts
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