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Hi Everyone:


It seems to me that our puppy (13 weeks) seems to have weak hind legs. He sort of crosses his legs when he sits, seems to use his front legs first when going from laying to standing, kind of walks by moving hips from side to side (vs. keeping straight and moving legs forward and back), back is a little curved when sitting, is not sturdy when sitting (twists and falls relatively easy), etc. He has not had any injury and does not seem to be in any pain.


I am wondering (hoping!) that this is because he is a puppy and wanted to pick your brains for comparing against your experiences. Do all puppies go through this? Is this normal? When should he be completely "well-coordinated"?


Will be discussing with vet tomorrow but was hoping to hear from you all as well.


Thank you.

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Hi again ~

I saw your other post about his wall-chewing behaviors. May I ask where you got this puppy?

I think I'd have to see the puppy in motion to really comment. If he's visibly pulling himself up with his front end rather than pushing with his rear, that does seem that a visit to the vet is in order. I'm not sure what you mean by walking by moving his hips side to side, but this does suggest a certain amount of laxity in his hip structure. 12 week olds can be pretty uncoordinated when playing, but they should not appear to be struggling when they move.

Please do keep us posted what the vet says. I'd like to hear a professional opinion. But do make sure you pursue the question of whether the pup's hips are okay.

~ Gloria

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So sorry to hear about your troubles with your puppy.


Could you film it and send a link? upload to youtube for example?

It's very difficult to determine from just text :)

If in doubt, definitely see a vet.


I can remember your post about your puppy, and training it to go potty in a certain part of the yard. The last two posts about his chewing behaviour etc: I would definitely keep an eye on him constantly now, don't leave him unattended.

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We got the puppy at a breeder. We went to see the puppies with their mother. The mother seemed well taken care of, healthy and happy. The father was not theirs so not available. The breeder had papers and had properly vaccinated the puppies. All puppies seemed healthy and well cared for. The breeder seemed genuinely concerned about the puppies and their well-being. I have no reason to doubt that the breeder was a good one but, of course, this is my one and only purchase.


About his hind legs, I will try to get videos and upload them. The vet says he does see something is a bit off but thinks it is hardly noticeable, nothing to worry about and way too early to x-ray him or do other tests.


Yes, the puppy has more or less learned to go in one part of the yard. He usually is quite good about it. Except for the past 10 days, he has been a delight. I am hoping this is a phase. He came down with diarrhea so he will be a mess for the next week or so.


I hope we get back to normal soon! Then, we'll see about his hind legs as he grows.


Thanks again to everyone.

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I don't know where you are located, so there may not be a Penn Hip vet anywhere nearby.

But they can and encourage hip x-rays as young as 16 weeks.

Check out the website for more info and to locate a PH certified vet.

(sorry link wont load...google Penn Hip.)

If something is "off," it might be worth some travel to get those hips checked.

Some fixes are better done at a younger age.


Best wishes.


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He came down with diarrhea so he will be a mess for the next week or so.



Gosh, don't let him suffer diarrhea that long! Can your vet give you some Metronidazole?


Meanwhile you can also add plain canned pumpkin to his food. If he's got bad runs, I'd say don't feed him kibble for a couple days, but instead make some plain rice, cook some boneless white chicken, and just give him that with a tablespoon or two of plain canned pumpkin for a couple days. That will help firm his stool up. The Metronidazole will help if he has any bad bacteria in his system. Meanwhile, make sure he drinks enough water, as the little guys can get dehydrated faster than grown dogs.


Hope he feels better soon! :)


~ Gloria

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