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  1. Thank you, again, for the very thoughtful and valuable post. All great content. About your first (very valid) point. Although I do not attend the training meetings, I do train my dog, mostly at nights and on the weekends. From me, he's learned quite a few tricks, toilet trained, not to jump on furniture (though he loves that), etc. I have also gone to the training facilities and spent time with Mack and his trainer, though not very much. I have no complaints when he is with his "family". He is great. It is when his environment changes (walks in different places, different dogs or di
  2. Thanks again for the comments. GentleLake: I do not go along for the trainings (that would imply quitting my job!). How / why would this be negative? Ruth & Gibbs: That is a good point. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind and see how he reacts to time off. Thank you all.
  3. Thank you all for your helpful comments. I've asked for his trainer at camp to also take him out on walks. He also had his first competition this past weekend and was exposed to lots of people and different dogs. And he has started twice a week walks with another person. We'll also be talking to his vet about neutering him in a few months. We'll see how he evolves. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you all for your posts. For now, I can't think of anything that we might be doing "terribly wrong" so as to be the cause of the dog becoming aggressive. He receives a wide variety of positive attention and activities from many knowledgeable and caring handlers, including his family. My feeling is that his aggression is a result of fear. The aggression also started only a couple of months ago. It coincided with a time where he had to go to the vet five times in one month to treat a scratched cornea. He was definitely scared, uncomfortable and aggressive during treatment. He had
  5. Hi, We have a wonderful 14 month-old male BC. We have not neutered him yet on concerns that doing so too early might cause problems later on. I have read that we should wait at least until he finishes puberty. He also has an undescended testicle. He goes to training (agility) camp five times a week, is toilet trained and so has free access to the house. He wags his tail so hard I think he is going to break himself in two when it is time to go to camp. When in his normal routine, he is happy, fun and great. It is when things change a bit that he goes a bit (or a lot) crazy. Wh
  6. Hi Everyone: In my yard, there is a meter-high fence that closes the yard from a public space (that leads to the dangerous world). I think that this meter-high fence will not be enough to secure my future adult dog (now he is a puppy). How high can an adult BC potentially jump and, thus, how high should the fence be? Thanks
  7. He saw the vet today and is taking medication. He is also on the exact diet you suggest: rice with chicken breast (in small servings). Hopefully, he'll be better sooner rather than later. Thanks about Penn Hip tip. Thanks again.
  8. Hi: We got the puppy at a breeder. We went to see the puppies with their mother. The mother seemed well taken care of, healthy and happy. The father was not theirs so not available. The breeder had papers and had properly vaccinated the puppies. All puppies seemed healthy and well cared for. The breeder seemed genuinely concerned about the puppies and their well-being. I have no reason to doubt that the breeder was a good one but, of course, this is my one and only purchase. About his hind legs, I will try to get videos and upload them. The vet says he does see something is a b
  9. Thank you all so much for your posts full of information and things to try. We have had lots of visitors in the past couple of weeks because of the holidays and some are actually staying with us. Maybe this change in routine and surroundings has been hard on the puppy and he is acting out. If they are that sensitive, this could be a cause. We should return to normal by the weekend and hope that helps him. The frozen washcloths seem like a great idea. I will try that as well. As for the food, I think the details posted might be for a slightly different version. The bag says th
  10. Thanks very much for your reply. I should have added that information in my original post, sorry. The puppy gets plenty of attention and interaction. He is almost always with someone. He gets exercise by chasing balls, playing chase, or just running in the yard. He has plenty of toys, including chewing toys. He particularly likes stuffed animals which he growls at and bites. He also chews a lot on rawhide snacks (by the way, is this safe?). I also train him in short sessions. He has learned sit, shake, stay, lay, come here, go to your crate. He has also come a long way in being to
  11. Hi Everyone: It seems to me that our puppy (13 weeks) seems to have weak hind legs. He sort of crosses his legs when he sits, seems to use his front legs first when going from laying to standing, kind of walks by moving hips from side to side (vs. keeping straight and moving legs forward and back), back is a little curved when sitting, is not sturdy when sitting (twists and falls relatively easy), etc. He has not had any injury and does not seem to be in any pain. I am wondering (hoping!) that this is because he is a puppy and wanted to pick your brains for comparing against your exp
  12. Hi Everyone: I was hoping there might be some information out there that can be useful. Our puppy (13 weeks) is obsessed with eating the cement wall. Usually he picks a part that has moisture and eats the paint and the cement. He might be attracted to the fungus that I am guessing must form in humid walls. But he even starts chewing in parts of the wall that are not visibly humid. He has already made himself sick (vomiting and diarrhea). It is impossible to watch him 24 hours a day and we do our best but any time he is left alone, he will find some part of the wall to eat. I am f
  13. Hello everyone: Not lost, just busy! I have been reading all the posts and thank you very much for all the comments and suggestions. So far, we have been getting along great with our puppy. He's had a handful of accidents (the most recent a few minutes ago) but nothing too worrying. We have peeing down to a science. Every two or three hours, I take him to the backyard, tel him to "go potty" and he goes. Excellent. Hardly ever fails or has accidents. Poo is proving more difficult. He never goes while on a leash. I don't know if he is extraordinarily sensitive and picks up
  14. Thanks for the tips. Can you provide some more information on the vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide procedure, please? I WAS watching the puppy when he peed on the rug and he had relieved himself outside about an hour earlier. Actually, he bolted from where we were to the rug (another room) and started peeing. By the time I "distracted" him, it was too late. Another question, please... If I want to teach him to go outside and I am crating him and taking him out on a leash when he should go, and he is in the yard playing without a leash and stops to pee, should I praise
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. If could just pick your brain a little further... Our dog has been really good with housebreaking in that he has never had an accident in the crate or in any hard surface (terrace, hardwood floors, etc.). However, he has had three accidents on rugs. I removed one rug (which was on a porch that leads to the garden) and solved that problem but the other is difficult to remove. It is in our dining room. I anxiously recall that our first dog (the one that eventually ended up relegated to the "outside") never learned not to go on the rug. He also had
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