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New from New Mexico

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Thanks for the add! I moved from CA a couple years ago, brought a blue heeler puppy with me and I am thinking about a sister.


My Border Collie of 14 years passed away 3 years ago, the blue heeler was supposed to fill the void but my wife says she wants another dog. My BC was a Frisbee Queen, and Kyle the Heeler isnt too bad himself.


Anyhow; I have always found my dogs on CL or the newspaper and never cared much for papers as long as both parents were BC or Heeler. I noticed the BC Craigslist ads are reported and the breeders online seem to want in the neighborhood of $1000 for a puppy.


I have been looking for a puppy, probably female (Always had great luck with female working dogs). Kyle is kinda a punk, stingy with the kisses and aloof. My old Girl was a smooth coat but I didnt know the difference back then and I am not sure I care now. Just looking for a frisbee champ again.

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You might get in touch with Arizona Border Collie Rescue. Yes, they are in AZ, but they've been getting a lot of dogs from NM lately, including some puppies! I have an agility star (well, in my eyes anyway....) from them - they work hard to match "wants" with "availables."


Good luck!

diane (in Utah)

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Where are you?

Moved from California?

If your in Qld Australia, I can help.

My shepherding trainers dog has just had a litter.

But I imagine your still in the states?

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Hello, and welcome!


Where in New Mexico are you? If you're near bordering states, just google search "state name border collie rescue." A quick search found this one in NM. http://www.nmbordercollierescue.com/adoptable-dogs/ I don't see anything that looks purebred, but something to watch anyway.


Are there cattle ranchers in your area? That is a huge source for very well bred BCs in my area. My brother got my first BC from a rancher-best dog I recall owning. The second one I got is still a young pup, but so far the second best I've ever had. Although they ain't perticulary cheap, they usually don't run anywhere near $1000, but I guess that'll depend on the area. In my experience though, good breeders usually don't advertise online-it's word of mouth so you'll have to seek them out.


Lastly, a lot of new members forget to read the "Read This First" at the top of the page. If you haven't read it, here is a direct link-check it out to get a better feel of what the members of this forum are. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showannouncement=1&f=15

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Thanks for the reply's! I live in Los Alamos, pretty close to CO but I have no problems traveling to neighboring states for a good dog, they last a long time so it will be a family member, not just a pet to us.


I miss Early, she was born about the same time as my oldest son and it was sad to see her go down hill but she is still on my mind.


I will read up on the read this first right now, thanks for the link :)

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If you want a rescue, check out those already suggested. If you want a pup, head on up to Meeker and the USBCHA Finals in CO. You can network with some of the best in North America at those trials.

Thanks for the headsup! The wife and I are planning a CO trip, her dad lives in Co Springs. I found a lady on CL who has a female rough coat, just waiting on pics. Problem is the wife saw a female with a blue eye so she's on the look out. When I bought my female she had a big mohawk and the breeder told me she was a smooth coat, but I had no idea what that was haha. From here your Signature pic looks like Early the frisbee queen. That dog could jump 6.5 feet in the air for a disc. We sure do miss her.

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