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  1. I’ve had it in a few litters, two of the litters having the same sire. They ranged from full tails, 3/4, 1/2, and short “docked” tails, all within the same litter.
  2. I too would approach breeders and ask them if they have any working washouts. We always need good homes for the ones that aren’t cut out for stock work!
  3. You’re right, cow dog lines need to be willing to physically push cattle, where sheep work that is almost never an issue. Most cow dogs can work sheep, and some sheep dogs can work cows. However, the ones bred for the specific task obviously do it better and are easier to train in said task. As a pet, I’d prefer a cow bred dog, as, in my experience, sheep dog lines are much more sensitive than what I want-I want a bold confident dog. Cow dogs are no more likely to bite people than other dogs are-they know the difference between cows and humans.
  4. As far as her being “unhappy” because you’ve “awoken the instincts” or whatever, no, that’s not gonna happen. She would be fine. However, is it gonna be beneficial, i.e. enough to actually teach her much and get her in a good working frame of mind? I honestly don’t know. Maybe others will have a better idea. My experience has been, with really keen dogs, they have to be worked often, and if they are given a couple weeks off, they come back kinda nutcases, LOL, and we have to spend sometimes almost a whole session working the crazies out. I suppose it depends on the dog.
  5. So cute! And what a pretty, rough coated dog!
  6. What I did with my current girl is put her in a kennel(not crate) with a couple of toys. Every time I went to let her out I told her to bring me a toy. Prior to this, she would grab a toy and drop it or bring it part way, etc. If she didn’t bring me the toy after a few commands and encouraging, I closed the door and went away. Later, we tried again. When she did bring it we had a party and she came out and we went about our business. From there we worked up to holding while I touch her face, pretend to take it, tug gently on it, etc. and not release until I give the release word. She’s made a ton of progress!
  7. He sound extremely concerned/shut down, both from the excessive sniffing, and the playing dead when a dog appoaches. Both are displacement behaviors when I dog is really concerned about something. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice, but hopefully someone else will.
  8. I would recommend that you don't share other people's photos until a public forum unless you ask them. I can see where people could be upset by that. I don't think she's on these boards. I believe her pup is Next/Chubbs-you could look back on FB and see who those lilac pups are, because she owns one of those pups.
  9. I assume it's a misunderstanding about white heads and deafness, i.e. thinking no white headed dogs should be bred.
  10. One of mine was still filling in the pigment in his nose when he died at 3.5 years.
  11. Lenie, I know what breeder you are referring to, and though I would say she’s a color breeder, I wouldn’t say she is the “worst color breeder” I’ve seen. Her dogs are still decent working dogs. Not up to the quality that I would buy one, but they are okay. If you like your dog don’t focus too much on where/how you got her-just enjoy her. My friend owns one of those lilac puppies pictured-she really likes her. Not quite up to my standard but that’s me. As for white headed-not something I focus on at all. Look at the dog in my avatar, and I have others, too.
  12. Chickens don't herd well. If they don't feel like going and they can't out maneuver the dog, they will fly. If they want to go to a certain place but just need a little help going far enough to find the edge of the fence and get around the corner, a dog works great.
  13. I agree 100% with D’Elle. And that “crazy man” method of teaching them to stay close and pay attention on leash is by far the best I’ve ever tried. Good luck with your pup! He’s gorgeous!
  14. First of all, if he’s getting a 2 hour walk and then playing crazily by himself for 2 hours a day, this isn’t a case of him not getting enough exercise. He needs to be taught to settle down. amc gave you some good advice. I disagree that this is normal for puppies-it’s not, though I can see where a lot of puppies could go down this path if not raised with enough structure. You’ve done everything by the book and I commend you for that! Unfortunately, the book didn’t tell you how to address these issues as they started to arise and now it’s going to be quite hard to get this under control. For that reason, I recommend that you find a good trainer and enlist his help. Are you in the US? For his poo-I’d immediately look at his diet. What kind of food is he on? Does he ever vomit undigested food? In the meantime, often a tablespoon of pureed pumpkin with his meals can help a lot!
  15. There is a good group on FB, called Coat Color and Genetics. I know nothing about the genetics behind colors myself.
  16. My pup was 5 pounds when I got her, roughly the same size as yours. She was healthy, just a small pup, and is still somewhat small at 2 years and 33 pounds.
  17. I don’t know them personally, but they have good bloodlines.
  18. I think the smooth coated dogs I have shed more than the rough coats I used to have.
  19. That looks like an Aussie... That's super talented!
  20. No, I was referring to Gentle Lake's response. The "maybe do some research" part seemed like it could have been put differently.
  21. Yeah, your response came across to me as a little snarky too...
  22. Mine are about 11 months. I’d start getting concerned if they didn’t have their first cycle by 18 months.
  23. This is far beyond what people online can help with. You need to find a good trainer and take her to see them and see if they can help you. Whereabouts are you? Maybe someone can recommend some trainers in your area.
  24. OP, I'm not far from you, in WA. Are you on FB? There are some good local raw dog food groups, that have some companies and butchers they recommend, as well as just folks who are needing to get rid of freezer burnt meat, etc.
  25. Well, he may just need those kongs or chew toys. But you can teach him to settle by teaching him to hold a place on his bed, gradually increasing the duration until he learns to just take a nap when he is told to go to his bed.
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