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Marbled eye in black and white bc

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Hello everyone,


So sorry if this should have been posted on another forum...

I have a black and white border collie and even thought I've taken her to see way too many doctors, no one can seem to tell me what her eye has. It looks like a marbled eye but I have never seen another black and white bc with marbled eyes... is it possible? Her eye is normal, she sees just fine and doesn't have any abnormality other than the strange color... Hope you can help me and so sorry for my english.


Thank you all

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IF a vet has confirmed that her eyesight is normal, I wouldn't worry.


Are you talking about an eye that is part brown/part blue? Is that what you mean by marbled?


It is unusual in black and whites (but I have seen photos of some dogs with bi-colored eyes), but more common in merles.


Just my honest opinion.

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AFAIK, partial (or sectoral) heterochromia is a normal variation in dogs. Heterochromia iridis, where the two eyes are different colors, is actually fairly common in some breeds. Partial heterochromia (different colors in the same eye) is less common but certainly not unheard of. It's more common in merles than in solid colored dogs, but it's still known to show up in dogs that aren't merles.


My lurcher has partial heterochomia in one eye. She's sable with brown eyes, but one of them has a very distinctive area of the iris that's almost yellow.

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