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keeping her outta the litter box

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Im looking for ideas to help keep my bc out of the cat's litter box. She likes to wonder down to our basement, and eat whatever she finds in the cats litter box. We have told her "No" over and over again, but it doesnt seem to work. My BC is 15 weeks old. Anyone else have this problem?





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Set it up so that your pup can't access the litterbox. I don't believe there's a pup that age that can resist cat poop so you need to put the litter box in a location that the pup can't get to it.


A simple baby-gate or other arrangement that allows the cat but not the pup to get through to the basement, is an easy solution.


With age and training, this problem should resolve itself over time so that, hopefully, you won't need a physical barrier but, in the meantime, block your pup's access to the litter box.


Good luck and don't accept kisses from a pup with kitty litter on her breath!

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Thanks to the both of you. I may try to set up the litter box on a table, so that the cat can easily get up onto it, but my dog cant. I dont have a door to the basement, otherwise that's a great idea. Thanks for the input.

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Yeah, there's no way we could keep the dogs out of the litter box. We put up a baby-gate. I want to put a cat door in the door to the basement so cat can get through and dogs can't, but that'll come later. Table's a good idea too.


Dogs just love those tasty treats. Ugh.

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