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How are you handling the 4th?

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I just hate the 4th. The explosions started in our neighborhood last weekend. My poor dogs just are awful. And so am I after a few hours of this.


The fireworks usually start about 10 in the morning and go on steady until about 2 in the morning. So just trying to get the dogs out long enough to pee is a huge problem.


One year I put the dogs in the car and just drove around all over trying to find someplace quiet. There was no place to go. In town the noise is everywhere. And it was just as bad out in the county.


I got the Xanax. It really helped last year. But I am already getting anxious.

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I had to drive my dog to my father's condo in the over-62 complex last year, and stay till midnight. (That was during the official town fireworks - all the "smaller" neighborhood festivals were just tiny meltdowns.)


I am OK with folks around here breaking the state law forbidding fireworks. Whatever. I just wish they would do it in the week before and after the 4th... and from sunset till 10, say. What is the POINT of fireworks at 10 a.m. anyway?



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I have come to the point where I realize there isn't much I can do. I have also driven around, and I am able to find quiet by doing that, but I can only do that up to a point.


I make sure to potty and feed my dogs before the explosions begin. I stay with them to weather the storm. We go for a ride if things get really bad.


I pray for rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain around the fireworks times around the 4th. Some years we get it!!

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I just received an email from PetLink. This is the company with which I have registered my dogs' microchips. They are reminding their clients about the importance of having your pets microchipped. The July 4th period is the time of year when the highest number of pets are reported missing.


Of course they are also trying to market a few of their products, but I appreciate the reminder about the importance of a microchip to aid in reuniting lost pets with owners.

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Please be careful driving around. A couple years ago both my dogs were in the car with me as I was driving over to the barn. As we passed an (Amish) farmette they started setting off illegal fireworks (Amish!!! Of all people!!!) It was really loud, and I freaked and the dogs freaked and suddenly I had 75 pounds of dog (both dogs) in my lap. I nearly lost control of my car. I know my freaking made things worse but I really wasn't expecting it all and I did have a momentary horror of maybe someone was shooting at cars (not likely but I do drive past the site of the Nickle Mine school shooting four times a day, so the thought is in my brain.)

Since then I leave the dogs at home around the 4th.

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