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I got dumped off my colt and took the day off. So I thought I'd share with you something that has always made me laugh.


My Darlin' Pete, the Samurai Cowboy.


Now I have had my share of wrecks. On Horseback, with dogs. And many peculiar funny things, but my Pete is a gentleman and does not laugh when he sees me climb a fence like an olympic athlete with a mad cow behind me. (Right after I had said, sure the young dog can hold her.)


Or the time I lost a ram I was shearing and got tangled in the fleece when he took off flipping me a** over teacup where I achieved great height.


But my Pete! My Pete. Oh he gets himself in trouble and his calm stoic grace just makes me laugh. A releasing and hearty laugh that frees your soul.


Once he roped a calf and she yanked him off and through the cow pies he went face first.


Also when upending a big marino targhee cross ram he ended up on it's back and for a few strides rode it like a huge wooly pony to the consternation of the guard dogs.


But last week, while helping me catch lambs. Well grown but still lambs he ended up with one he was transferring from the leg crook to his arms when she reared back and shot up and turned in his arms. She then on her hind legs was staring Pete in the eye and Pete somehow had hold of her two front legs. Then Pete decided to dance with her, I believe it was a waltz but perhaps a polka, he threw back his head and yelled, SHALL WE DANCE! and Twirled the lamb gently in his arms.


Then he smiled at me.


And I love him for that.



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