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Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a bit and figured it's time to introduce myself. I adopted my dog, Mazy, about 16 months ago. Mazy was an "underdog" (no pun intended). The shelter said shy/scared dogs are hard to adopt out because most people want a "ready to go" dog. I on the other hand, have a soft spot for dogs like her and she stole my heart. She is as sweet as can be and a huge snuggler!


She came from rural Kentucky and I'm pretty certain she was a feral dog there. Moving to a big city was a complete shock and a long adjustment. She was afraid of everything and by that I mean, every sound, object, shadow, movement, wind, music, tv, phone, computer and even lights being turned on. She especially hates the intro to The Big Bang Theory. It is easier to tell you what she wasn't afraid of when I first got her: snow and being outside (as long as there was none of the above...ha!). My friends and I joke about starting a blog titled "What's Mazy Scared of Now?" Her most recent fear was red Solo cups.


She has come a long way since then and while still skittish sometimes, it's nothing like before. We continue to face her fears a little bit at a time. This year we are mastering walking along busy streets and also crossing streets without being scared. I want to eventually get her into agility, but that's hard with a dog that is scared of everything. I've been exposing her to playground equipment at the park, with the hope that that will help.


With that, I look forward to participating on here. There is such a wealth of knowledge amongst everyone.


Here is an ultra-rare shot of Mazy in happy mode. She hates the camera and always turns away from it.


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Thanks for the perspective! Some days I think I am working hard when I am walking along a busy street with Juno and I have to play the Look at the Truck game to calm her down! Thank goodness you have a lot of patience. You have come a long long way!!


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