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  1. Sounds like Guillian barre syndrome in humans. My area has always been bad with ticks so I'm careful about staying consistent on our preventative.
  2. Gcv-border, I did Google meibomian gland and that looks exactly like what is going on. Going to try warm compresses. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone with your responses
  3. I just noticed my 10.5 year old BC has a growth on her eyelid. I'm guessing maybe it is a stye. It does touch the eyeball and I'm wondering if this is something that needs to be looked at or if there is even anything they can/will or need to do. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. We spend every minute together so I don't notice any rubbing or pawing at the eye. Anyone else have any experience with anything like this? Thank you.
  4. How terrifying. I'm glad they got them to pay the cost of surgery. That doesn't always happen as a lot of times you release all liability and sign your life away in the forms you have to sign. I hope he ends up being ok. Sad.
  5. I feed Fromm dry food..I have heard great things about Orijen and Acana though. If you can't find a particular brand in your area you may want to check out chewy.com
  6. Haven't read that one but will look into it. I fell in love with Patricia McConnell and her books..the other end of the leash was one of my favorites...she has written many.
  7. That is really good to know about your dog being able to handle the meds with a sensitive stomach, definitely going to ask next time we go in. Thank you also Tommy...would have never thought to bring up cortisone shots for a dog. Good stuff. Thanks guys!
  8. I haven't read through this whole thread but I've been through this and it is the worst. She'd go on metro get better for awhile and it would be back. Vet finally added in Panacur and Drontal and knock on wood that is what finally kicked it to the curb. It is not fun.
  9. Hi guys. I need some help. I have an aging Border Collie. She was rescued so I don't know her exact age but guessing about 10 years old. Her hips have started getting bad. She can barely get up steps or jump on the bed anymore. When she had some stomach issues and had an X-ray the vet could see some degeneration in her spine but this film didn't capture her hips. I'm wondering is there anything you can do to help them or is it just a part of aging? Next time we go to the vet I will ask about pain/arthritis meds but even that is tricky because she has a sensitive stomach. I've added steps for her to try and get up on the bed but is there anything else that can be done?
  10. We have this same issue with allergies. Every fall she takes Atarax for a few weeks until her itching subsides.
  11. GentleLake, my vet said the same thing. That once a dog gets one they are prone to getting them again..
  12. She is doing better with Eradamite. My prior post was just explaining what it had looked like. Thanks!
  13. I had this happen to me. Went in one year at our annual visit and told the vet about the lump. He said it was most likely a lipoma and to just leave it alone. It got bigger and bigger and finally got so big it needed surgery. I wish I had trusted my gut and had them take it out when it was smaller. She had to go through a bigger surgery at an older age.
  14. Thank you. Wasn't 100% sure. Lots of tarry brownish gunk coming out of one ear. Have been cleaning it every other day and it looks like it had red bites in it.
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