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Genes in canine hip displaysia indentified, so they say

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Using Google Scholar I find 30 articles published in PLOS from 2010-now using the search terms: +canine hip dysplasia gene

None of the article titles suggest the genes responsible for hip dysplasia have been identified.

What article are you referring to?

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I think this is the one being referenced


It refers to a study on GSDs.



This is the article that I saw on FB that references the above study. It seems that they've identified genes in GSDs and Bernese Mountain Dogs, and the institute is looking at extending the research.


The objective is to sequence the entire genome for a large number of dogs of different breeds in order to detect polymorphisms and structural variants. This will enable us to compare CHD-affected dogs with dogs free of any signs of CHD and that show a very low risk for CHD in their progeny.

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The study linked by Kristi talks about identifying 3 regions of the genome that are associated with CHD in GSDs. This is not the same thing as identifying genes that cause CHD. This study is the same type of study that was performed to locate a genetic region associated with EOD in Border Collies.


Read the Discussion section for an overview of this and other studies that have identified regions in breeds associated with CHD.

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