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Im not sure if i have posted an update or not. I havent been super active on these boards. If you are friends with me on fb this is old news.

In the last year and a half... i rehomed a dog, got my own place, got my car total, and got a new border collie. :/

Most of you remember Troy. I ended up rehoming him about a year and a half ago. While there was mutiple reasons behind rehoming him. The 2 biggest was he just wasnt his happy self anymore. Instead of being with his family he just wanted to avoid everyone. This is a dog that has always wanted to be glue to my side choosing to be by himself so he wouldnt have to deal with the other dogs in the house. He was healthy as a horse still. The second reason was Cressa. She was starting to act very skiddish around him. He is now loved by a retired couple, being an only dog, and back to his old self. Ive kept in contact and they adore him. I still miss him. There is just something about a dog that is totally attune to you.

Cressa and Val love having their own place. We have taken to biking and hiking more too. Val loves biking! Like love loves it! He is great at pulling too. Cressa im looking into buying a bike buggy for since she can have difficulty keeping up. Also Cress with age just wants to enjoy the journey and isnt just about getting to the destination fastest anymore. I love seeing how different their mind works. Val is about this is the rule and we stick to the rules. Cress is more understands the bigger picture and plans accordingly. We havent been able to get back to sheep or agility so nothing new on that front. :(

I ended up getting a border collie a week ago. I wasnt planning on it. I saw a border collie on cl and i normally will chat with the person than offer them rescue information. I started talking to this person and her border collie just sounded perfect. He isnt registered. He is from a farmer selling this litter of border collies for some amish breeder. What seal the deal was when i had gone to check him out i saw her toddler tackle him. He was already corner, his tail was tucked, ears flat against his head... at the moment i realize he was gonna come home with me before he ends up getting pts. They were looking to rehome him since he had too much energy, nip their current dog, and nip a kid that had ran pass. He has scars on him from her other dog correcting him. He is supposed to be purebred. He is little ♡, a smooth coat, and a tri! ♡♡♡ I have only had him a week and think he is pretty awesome. He has a lot of traits that i love about this breed. He does get car sick. :( Still learning how to handle him. He is pretty sensitive to correction. And looks for a lot of reassurance. After a firm no he is really skiddish. Ik that is a trust thing. Already started basic training with him which he is picking up at lighting speed. He is very agile and light on his feet. overall i think he approves of the move.
Some oddity:
The previous owner said he was very picky and a slow eater? He eats all of his food over here as fast as Cressa. So far havent found any pickiness. I feed 2x a day everyone has their own corners in the kithen that they eat in.
She said he was potty train yet... idk working on getting on the same page with him. Lol.
She said he loves it outside. Here i have to give him a personal invite since he doesnt want to go outside even than it is do your business and get back inside.
She said he has never been kennel here he LOVES his kennel.
So far he has been pretty chilled in the house. Val and him will wrestle a little but not crazy energy. He has a nice off switch. Maybe i just need to give him more time? She said he was really energized.
She said he didnt like toys at her place. My place he loves playing with toys?

ETA: while ik i only had him a week. He has fits in amazing. Like he is that perfect missing piece that you didnt know was missing till you found them. While im sure i did a bad job of explaining. He has just fit into my pack amazingly well. Val adores him. He really likes Val. And most of the time he just looks happy and relaxed. He isnt hiding. I am working on getting him comfortable with me handling him since he gets nervous. I dont force the issue and just going as fast as he wants. Lol

Introducing Hank aka Hank Shoots for the Moon:





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What a cutie!! My Effie was car sick from 3 months to 5 months. I always had to have a towel in the car so she wouldn't ruin my car seats. What helped her was taking her to "fun places" like the dog park, pet stores, and my mom's house. She eventually got the hang of things. Her problem was all nerves and not so much the motion of the car.


Also she is afraid of children. I've had to scold other people's children for running up way too fast on Effie, waving their hands or screaming in her face. It helps to socialize them with the right kind of children. Effie has made great friends with an 8 year old in our apartment complex...she will actually fetch with him more than she will with me. When other kids are introduced who are too loud or make many sudden movements she will run and hide under a bench. Sometimes it helps to educate the kids on how to properly walk up to her and let them feed her treats.

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He sure is a beauty. I am glad he found a good home with you.


I have never had to do it, but I know it must have been hard to re-home one of your dogs. The fact that he is so happy now should help assuage any guilt you have about re-homing. It sounds like you did the right thing for Troy.


Good luck with Hank. How old is he?

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