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  1. For people using doggles I'm curious what size do you order? My BC is 28 pounds he's a little guy.
  2. That's good to know. My mom wants me to try the Doggles I may order a pair now that I know they stay on. Thank you! He is the best rescue I have ever had. Are you using the traditional Doggles that look likes goggles or the ski goggles shape? I got an off brand that looks like Doggles but they fly right off...even have the double strap! Heck I may just order a pair since everyone says they have worked just wanted to make sure my fellow BC owners had similar luck!
  3. Lol yes I'm very guilty of that too! Just wanted a cheap pair so I can save up for the Rex Specs next month. These doggy sports are a very expensive hobby but worth every penny of it! Yeah that's exactly what I'm looking for. I feel like the traditional sunglass shaped goggles don't fit on their skinny faces as well. The chemistry or ski goggle shape seems to fit really well on BCs. I saw that one! I'm just curious how they claim the mesh blocks out the UV rays. Unless I'm not seeing a clear lens underneath treated with a UV coat?
  4. Yeah that's what I'm beginning to consider too. I just assume Rex Specs were maybe the Nike brand of dog goggles. They cost $80 but I suppose that's pretty good considering the lenses are interchangeable. Just kind of wanted to wait until I start working again next month to purchase the real deal! http://www.rexspecs.com/ Idk if any of y'all have seen the border collie that works out in the airport? That's where I saw the Rex Specs on his instagram page. I assume since it works for that BC it will work for mine! It stinks! But at least I am learning how to take care of white faced dogs! He needs more sunscreen than me!
  5. Nice I'm glad I've met several people on here who have ABCR dogs. I honestly believe they are one of the BEST rescue groups around!
  6. My poor merle BC hardly has any pigment around one eye and are very light blue. He always gets a bad sunburn and swollen eyes in the summertime I want to prevent cataracts when he is older. It also would help us in disc competitions if he could actually see the disc and stop squinting lol... I've tried one style that has two straps but they always fly off sideways when he starts going full speed. I'm hoping to get a reliable pair before our second ever disc dog comp together towards the end of the month. I saw Rec Specs that looked wonderful but not in my price range right now. :/ Anyone have any experience in using affordable doggles for their border collies? The goggles that didn't work out... My Mr. Loki
  7. That's awesome! I didn't think I would meet an ABCR parent on here from my area! Very cool! I have been doing home visits and working events with ABCR. Hoping to do a transport soon and hopefully foster within the next year or so! Red mud is the worst!!
  8. Lol I like that term "carpet feet" ! Yes this does seem to be the most exciting location for them they go wild with back and forth running for about 10 minutes and then they calm down enough to explore! I think the pure energy they have and all the running tends to scare people! Yeah I get nervous with that too. Our jogging trail here has sharp red gravel so I'm pretty careful with that! It seems to really get stuck between their toes I'm sure its not comfortable! Thanks! Livi is beatiful! Now is she the puppy you were talking about? Can't wait to meet her someday! Haha same with my dogs if they don't reek of stinky fish water they are good to go dry off on their own. I loved taking them to barton creek spillway (I never gave them a bath afterwards). Lol she looks so clean in that picture. It takes so little to get my merle looking dirty! Lol yep they don't roll in poop or dead things that's the good thing about kids. Another thing it common is forcing them to take a bath afterwards! Ouch yeah concrete makes me nervous with dogs! It gets so hot in Texas I'm afraid it will burn their feet.
  9. Oh wow hahaha I didn't even realize that! Might need to call him miss Eddie for now on! His nickname is Cheeseburger Eddie right now... he comes to the border collie meets and flying disc dogs of Austin. He's quite a character!
  10. We live in an apartment as well but luckily we have a decent sized dog park with small agility equipment outside our building. I'm thinking the environment really does toughen them up. We go out on trail hikes, the lake, and do sports a lot so paws are pretty tough I assume. That's nice you don't have to clip nails. My older family dog use to chew his nails down...he hated having them clipped. Some people really must have dogs more prone to paw pad injuries. I'm glad I'm not one of them! Yeah they think the water is too dirty...but the park people clean the water once a week. lol I see it as a free bath at the end of the meet...can't beat doggy wash stations!
  11. Thought I would share this for any Texas people who are interested in meeting some fosters. "-All Border Collie Rescue Meet and Greet- Saturday, April 16th 10-2 PM at Phydeaux and Friends 7816 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757, Austin, TX Come out and meet our ABCR fosters! We are in need of future volunteers and fosters to help with our new and fast growing Austin chapter! Visit http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/ to learn more or visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/allbordercollierescue/?fref=ts Foster list: TBD"
  12. Our next meet and greet event in Austin, TX. Don't have the list of fosters just yet! "-All Border Collie Rescue Meet and Greet- Saturday, April 16th 10-2 PM at Phydeaux and Friends 7816 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757, Austin, TX Come out and meet our ABCR fosters! We are in need of future volunteers and fosters to help with our new and fast growing Austin chapter! Visit http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/ to learn more or visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/allbordercollierescue/?fref=ts Foster list: TBD"
  13. I have met Kirk and seen him in action. He will make an excellent competitive dog, especially in Disc. Landon (my coorganizer in Austin Border Collie Meetup) and Laura are his current foster parents. Also I might add to look at my friend Adam's foster named Eddie. He is also a competitive dog that Adam takes to all of the disc meets at FDDA. Both are great dogs I'm so excited with all the progress the Austin ABCR chapter has made since October. http://www.allbordercollierescue.com/#!eddie-2016/c1q6h If anyone lives in Austin these two fosters come to the Austin Border Collie Meetups...I'm sure we can arrange for you to meet them in person/see them play. Eddie is at almost every meetup we have. Also we are in need of volunteers we are growing fast! I'm going to post our next meet and greet event coming up in April on this thread.
  14. Same with my doggies! Maybe that's why we don't get paw pad injuries I'm assuming. We still do a lot of more rural activities. Yeah that's what my fiance thinks more like they are house dogs! Growing up my dogs have always been out on trails, at the lake, running hard everyday, etc. I do that stuff even more now that we have border collies but they love it! Oh yeah that's actually a great idea. I will start bringing a first aide kit for now on! Thanks for the suggestion! You should start one! I use meetup.com (I think its at no cost if your below a certain amount of members). We have 393 members so I have to pay a little fee to keep the page running...facebook is luckily free so I use both pages! The most rewarding part about keeping the group going is working with All Border Collie Rescue. We have fosters at most of our meets and we post meet and greets for the rescue as events. A large amount of our Austin applications have been from people who observe the BC meetups and spend time with our personal dogs/fosters. Some people even come to our meetups to observe the breed to see if they are ready to adopt from ABCR! It's been a really cool sort of partnership. Cool remedy that's the first I've heard it being used in dogs! I'll have to recommend that or use it myself if mine get cracked pads. I assume its the water and rock combo people are worried about. I'll have to read more about "Toughen-Up" I wonder how that works!
  15. That's how we are with our dogs. We do love them but at the end of the day they are animals not children they deserve to run around outside and play. However I have had a share of my freak accidents with the merle that was a rescue. We think he may be a little sight impaired due to the injuries he gets running into very obvious things like lamp poles, agility jumps, park benches, etc. Or he could just be a clumsy dog! Either way I can't afford to helicopter parent with this dog or I would give myself a heart attack everyday! Exactly what I was thinking. I'm assuming some may just play in the yard most of the day and have softer pads. We take our dogs out on rural hikes and have one involved in several sports. Never had a paw pad injury yet on either of them. The terrain they are exposed to is probably a lot different from most of the meetup dogs. The regular members who stayed at this location take their dogs to places like that a lot...never heard them complain of any pad injuries. Couldn't help but laugh. Haha yeah for the next hike I prepared more info and links to the Texas parks and recreation website so they can read up on the location next time. We only went about a mile on this hike (it was a shorter one) we stopped at the creek so a few of the late stragglers could find us. That's another factor...maybe people were more interested in a hike and didn't feel like waiting for the late members at that spot? Not sure but I think the most important part (the point of the meet) is to put your own needs aside and let the doggies have some fun. -my biased opinion that I would never mention to members of course
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