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dog walker?

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I use a dog walker maybe once every two weeks. He watches Caleb for about 5-8 hours at a time.


Now I'm not very trusting with anybody with my dog, not only for his safety but because we both have anxiety about it. What really helped me with the current dog walker was seeing him beforehand and establishing a connection; I saw the dogs he walked daily, and saw how he interacted with the dogs. I live in Bushwick in Brooklyn, NYC, and for those who don't know this area, it's become SUPER gentrified; literally everybody and their mother walks dogs for a living now because of how popular this area has become.


Before I start rambling, I guess the main thing for me was seeing how he interacted with the dogs, asking his clients (subtlety) what they thought of him as a walker, and establishing a connection with him before I even trusted him with my dog.


Hope that helps.



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I pet sit but I gave up on dog walking. It's too dangerous. If something is going to go wrong that is where it will go wrong.

I don't mind taking the little guys out front and walking them down the block but that is as far as I go. Too many dogs running up on us. Too big a chance of accidentally dropping the leash or having the dog slip it's collar.


I've also had big dogs just take off with me attached.


I just won't take the chance any more.

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I've got a dog walker who came highly recommended from a long time friend who is a trainer. I do live in a pet-centric area, (just north of San Francisco), and it's been great.


We get the same person every time, so Gibbs is beyond comfortable with her. She's been very flexible with scheduling, which helps when I'm busy with work. It's a relief, that's for sure.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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