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  1. Naturally the border collie is the lawyer in this case! LOL
  2. If your mother-in-law would be willing to experiment and cover her hair completely with a dark scarf, it would be interesting to see Lilli's response.
  3. Some of you may remember Freyja, our feral dog who spent seven months in the dog pound and was afraid of so many things including all men. She has made wonderful progress in many areas. I have been reading Control Unleashed, (thank you Cpt. Jack). It is coming up on three months. Something very exciting recently is that she allowed my husband to take her for a walk. Our walks used to be something like a reenactment of the Baatan Death March. She did not enjoy them at all, no sniffing, no looking around etc. just staring hopelessly at the person holding the leash. No pulling either which was the one bright spot for the human. She has finally decided that the walks are potentially fun! She's even been going towards the door instead of running away when she sees the leashes come out. Going through doors used to be one of her problem areas. Now she wants her leash to be put on, but she does not like anybody "looming over her". So she jumps on the couch and I sit beside her and she lets me put her leash on quite calmly. The biggest deal in all this, is that she went happily with my husband (A man with a low voice!) out the door without me or our other dog going along. It's a huge step. She still has a problem with my autistic daughter. It is very slow going to make Freyja less reactive. When she feels at ease, she is a wonderful joyful dog. Playful and bouncy but more than willing to just lie on the couch with me, cuddled up. She has lots of energy compared to our other dog, but is not demanding. I think it will be a very interesting summer!
  4. Thanks Dana! I will try to get a good look at Freyja's teeth.
  5. A pretty pretty little girl! And smart to find good dog people! You said she had ridges on her lower incisors. What exactly does that mean? Are there other determinants that show how old a young dog is? I am trying to pin down the age of my Freyja.
  6. Our Bogart is Bogey (of course) also Bogeykins, and Bogey-Wogey-Puddin'-'n-Pie. Freyja is Freyja-dee-cat (get it? Lol) because she startles so easily, also Fuzzy Britches, Baby Girl and Freyja Go Lightly. I would not say that either of them "answer" to those names but they do recognize them as terms of endearment.
  7. It seems like nobody here uses dog walkers!
  8. Thanks for all the input. I am not about to quit, i am in for a penny, in for a pound, on this one. But it is stressful for all concerned. I don't know border collies though our Harriet was a cross I think. She was my son's heart dog, and lived for his smile. She's only been gone about seven weeks, and since Freyja also barks at my son, every day I have to hear that "there's something wrong with this dog, why did we get this mean dog, this dog hates everybody but you . . ." etc. etc. he is still broken hearted over Harriet's death. I think he should grab a brain and get over it. He can mourn all he wants but I don't want him to criticize the new dog. It put doubts in my mind where I should only have positive thoughts. Freyja is doing her best I know. Today in a moment of enthusiasm she actually jumped in my lap to be cuddled. This is a far far cry from one month ago where she wouldn't come near ANYBODY, even the pound people she knew for 7 months. I think she has come along way very quickly. I think a family unit should be full of people who love each other, not just put up with each other. It's what I'm working toward. So, everybody, please realize that it's often the stress and frustration talking. I love this little dog, she is a dear thing. Just under a lot of pressure to do things right. Picture of Harriet attached.
  9. Ah geez. I am doing it all wrong again. I thought i did okay yesterday. Our other dogs were more empathetic. Bogart still lies beside Lonnie and gives affection whether it is reciprocated or not. Our late Harriet kept all big dogs at the park away from Lonnie because she knew they might knock her over. I'm starting to wonder whether this border collie has a heart in her sufficient to be a member of this screwy family. If the Best I can look forward to is Freya ignoring Lonnie as a "scary monster that she doesn't pay attention to", that is not good.
  10. Turkey is all I had available today! Lol. The other day we had roast pork and that was a big hit, so I may make one for her and freeze it in portions. Today I bought "salmon and brown rice" treats and both dogs thought they were icky but reluctantly ate them. Those are going back to Costco! It is a journey of discovery.
  11. I would say that Freyja absolutely sees a difference in behavior. The differences are extremely obvious. My daughter doesn't have language the way ordinary people do and her singsong vocalizations are definitely peculiar though many people find them charming surprisingly enough. Like unique birdsong. I have been taking cpt.Jack's good advice and will read Control Unleashed when I receive it. Today I gave Freyja numerous tiny pieces of smoked turkey while she was being quiet. Even turkey was not enough to stop the barking when my daughter actually approached me, but Freyja then retreated to another area and did not bark from the other room. Our home is sort of open concept on the main floor so there's places where you can't see the other side of the house but because there are no doors, you can definitely hear. I thought today was a definite improvement, so I was happy with how it went.
  12. Some of you have been following my story about Freyja the feral dog who was seven months in the dog pound. She's doing quite well, very happy and affectionate with me, getting better with my husband but she's become very very vocal towards my autistic daughter who has not done a single thing to agitate her further. My daughter will not interact with her in any way (even when i am not there) so it's not like she's teasing her or touching her or even looking at her or something. I don't know what to say to Freyja. I was told NOT to stop her barking as it would make her eventually bite instead, but ignoring it has just made it worse. I tried just saying in a very calm voice "hush Freyja, it's just our Lonnie". Makes no difference if i acknowledge it or not. The barking is quite frenzied and stops when Lonnie leaves the room. The dog can leave anytime she wants. Autistic people with sensory issues do not care to have loud hysterical barking occurring as you can imagine. It hurts her ears and frightens her. I love this dog but i love my daughter more. All my daughter wants is to be ignored in this situation. I need some concrete advice. Soon please as it is getting worse daily!!
  13. A major breakthrough this morning! Freyja has been very good about coming in with Bogart, and if I leave the door open she comes in quite promptly, most of the time, unless there's a man somewhere where she could see, hear or smell him! Today, she actually scratched at the door WISHING to come in!! Bogart had come in a few minutes before but she was afraid to, so I just let her stay out. I was going to the door to try again, when I heard her scratching! It probably seems a very small thing but this is the first time she is chosen to come in without following Bogart or being coaxed! Small victory! Attached a picture of Freyja and Bogart. She loves him!
  14. I am finding this thread fascinating and helpful. I think we all (almost) understand that the terms good and bad are just a colloquial way of expressing the things they do that please us and those less so. Or the things that puzzle us and the things that seem sensible. I don't think it's supposed to be a value judgment. I'm realizing that many of the "unexpected" things that Freyja does definitely belong on the continuum of normalcy for border collies. When she shies of things that are to us common and harmless, it doesn't make her cowardly, just cautious. It's an act of great faith and courage to just to come down the stairs every day to a life that is so very different from what she's known. She might be the bravest little dog ever! I don't know her well enough yet to say what is "good or bad" about her. I hope to, though.
  15. Are these relatives, like grandparents or something? They seem to treat you like a child.
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