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My New Puppy, Zeke with Questions

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Hello everyone I posted like 2 weeks ago that I was adopting a puppy so just wanted to give an update and just had a few more questions.


Right now he has grown to about 12lbs and he is 10 weeks. Is that big or small for his age?

Also I know it's winter time but is it okay that he doesn't like being outside yet? He just stands in one spot by my leg until I take him back in.

Also he likes his crate, he goes in and out, relaxes in it and even took a nap in it but the thing is as soon as I close the gate he starts to fuss.


This is him by the way,





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Check out the puppy growth rate topic for your weight question. BC's vary a lot in size. Yours looks great! I love those ears!




As for the crate, slow things down a bit. It's good that he is happy to go in, but work with him on being able to close it. Just start by touching the crate door and treat him for being calm. Then you can start just moving the door slightly, treat for being calm. Then keep advancing this and eventually you should be able to close the door (if the pup starts to make a fuss your are trying to do too much too soon, go back a step). Don't try the latches yet. Only shut the door momentarily at first. Once you get to this point I recommend working on duration before using the latches. With training you only want to advance one criteria at a time. Closing the hatches may seem like one new thing to you, but to the dog you are doing something new and not opening the door right away. So just work on closing the door, waiting for a second and treating. Do that ~5 times, then do 2 seconds. Do that 5 times, then do 5 seconds, then 10, then 20 and so on. Also, mix it up on him, maybe do 20sec, 20sec, 1sec, 10sec, 5sec, 20sec. Once you get to longer times you want to keep the dog guessing. If the dog thinks that it always has to wait forever then it may decide that fussing is better. I would try to get to a minute or two then you can go back and work on the latches. Don't do this all at once, keep the sessions short, and you can do this often. When you aren't actively training to use the crate I recommend just hiding a treat in their occasionally. The pup will be happy to find it and like the crate even more.


Also, you may have to deal with a bit of whining/fussing when you start to leave him. I did everything I could for my pup to deal with the crate, but there were still a couple of times that once I left I would hear some whining. It was hard to not go back in, but you need to know when to ignore it. The pup will learn that fussing doesn't get him what he wants.


Good luck with the pup! You've got some fun and frustrating times ahead of you!

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I have no good advice, all I can say is holy COW that's a cute puppy!!! He looks exactly like a litter of Heeler/BC pups I got to watch grow up. But he could easily be all BC too! (I remember you not being certain of the mix). He's almost exactly on track with my pup's growth pattern. I was also going to recommend the thread Chanse shared!


PLEASE keep posting pictures!! It keeps my puppy-itis away. :)

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