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  1. So today my 4 month puppy did something new, I was outside in the front yard with him and two girls walked passed us and he started barking, this is usual with him and strangers when he can't get to them (behind a door, on a leash, etc) but this time his hair was standing up on along his back. What does this usually mean with border collies? He wasn't cowering or anything, standing pretty confident looking at them walk and barking at them.
  2. So far Zeke's weight I really can't tell if this is fast or slow or normal lol 9 weeks - 9lbs 10 weeks - 12.20 lbs 12 weeks - 14.5 lbs
  3. Hello everyone I posted like 2 weeks ago that I was adopting a puppy so just wanted to give an update and just had a few more questions. Right now he has grown to about 12lbs and he is 10 weeks. Is that big or small for his age? Also I know it's winter time but is it okay that he doesn't like being outside yet? He just stands in one spot by my leg until I take him back in. Also he likes his crate, he goes in and out, relaxes in it and even took a nap in it but the thing is as soon as I close the gate he starts to fuss. This is him by the way,
  4. Ah okay, I guess I just have to wait to see when he get's a bit older. Was hoping to anticipate what his coat would be so I could buy the right grooming tools now. But I just bought a slicker brush for now.
  5. Thanks everyone! I will definitively post pictures of him Friday when I pick him up. And I never knew about the DNA test, but I won't worry about it too much right now. Also his name is going to be Zeke
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and had a few questions. I'm going to pick up my puppy Friday and was wondering what you all thought about his looks as a puppy. I'm more or less just looking to see if people can tell is he is mixed with Aussie and collie? Does he look more like a collie or a aussie puppy? whether he is going to be a smooth coat or rough or medium? He is 8 weeks old Thank you!
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