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I have the tiniest video ever of Bandit from a recent Freestyle training session.


I cannot even say how blown away I am by his natural talent. He already has a sense of musicality, and he just gets what we are doing here!!


I have not really started to formally train his heeling (other than stationary position) - this is really just movement to music work.


I'm not sure if I am going to go with a tighter heel or keep it looser - not as loose as this, but maybe not super close, either. I rather like the way he is featured with a looser heeling style.


I also don't think I am going to try to train him to high step. I like his natural movement A LOT!!! He is still working out where he needs to put his feet when we do this, but I love the look of his movement. He is elegant, and I can see that developing beautifully as he matures. He might high step on his own, but I don't think I'm going to mess with it!!


A friend of mine took more video and I'm going to get it from her next week. I might be able to put something longer together from her footage.


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He is actually moving in time to the music, which is important in one of the venues where he will be working toward titling!


And happy and handsome . . . both a plus! :) If people watch him and say, "he looks good!", that is extremely helpful!!

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This is a bit longer, but it's less like Freestyle. Still, it's his first choreographed performance!!


It was filmed for a fun contest. I might submit it.


In any case, he had a blast. I could have lured dance moves with food and it would have looked more "dancy", but this was just more fun for both of us!!


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