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It's finally happening.

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You know, sometimes you just have to go for things in life. After many, many, many months (years even) of drooling over your dogs I finally just did something about it. I contacted a breeder to get my name on a reservation list.


I have known about a (relatively) local breeder who runs a small operation with her working border collies. She has only 1 litter a year, and the upcoming litter is due March 14th and will come home 8 weeks later. Her dogs are all ABCA registered and have hips, eyes, etc. all tested. I have admired her dogs workability, but also their wonderful temperament. They are family members as much as they are working partners.


I am so unbelievably excited! I've spent so many months of mulling over this decision waiting for it to feel like it was the right time. I have had one of those months where everything that can go wrong, does. (Heck, I just found out I have a half-sister!) But I am becoming grateful for all these misfortunes, as I have decided to seek out the things that make me happy. Life is way too short to spend all my time worrying and waiting. So alas, I finally am making a decision!


Of course now comes the dreaded wait! And then the more fun questions! Do I want a male or a female? (I'm open to suggestions!) What names would I like to consider? What color do I think he/she will be? I will be counting down the days before I can see pictures and pick up my new buddy! Wish me luck as I begin my journey into border collie ownership!

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Congrats! How exciting for you! I can't wait to see puppy pictures! :D


You may want to talk to the breeder extensively about what traits you'd want in your "ideal" dog. She would probably be your best resource to help you pick the right pup for you out of her litter.


...puppy pictures... now you've got me dreading the wait. ;)

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I'm extremely excited!


We decided to go with a male tentatively, but that's by no means set in stone! Mom and Dad both work on their cattle ranch and have been lightly trialed. I'm sure some people would rather see a little more competition involved, but that fact that they're true using dogs appeals to me! Mom is a blue merle (but don't worry, they don't breed for color!) and dad is a black and white! Mom has only had 1 other litter with a different black and white male which came out with a wide variety of colors, so depending on the genetic makeup of the new daddy we could be in for a surprise with the colors! Although I know good dogs come in every color, so I'm not picky! Both are medium coated and mom is on the smaller side, which is exactly what I'm hoping for! But I will fall in love with whatever comes out of the mix!

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