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Brand new mama of a 4 month old!

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Hi, I'm Kathy and I've recently "adopted" a 4 month old named Jack. He's beautiful and it was of course, love at first sight. He is sweet. And WILD. The previous owner, methinks, did not or could not do much with him. Which is why he is ours.

Little Jack CANNOT sit still. I am hoping that it is just excitement at being in a new home environment. I also think that he had been previously crated way too much.

The only other thing (yet) is that he values food (any and all) above everything else. He goes bat crazy at the sight/smell of food.

He's very curious at things, it's very funny to watch him explore. Not scared, thankfully. So glad he's willing to learn and explore with me.

I've had him approximately 12 hours. And I'm thoroughly in love! I've been lurking in the boards for about a week, bought my copy of "Control Unleashed" (puppy edition) and am posting for you guys-- cause I know I'm gonna need some assistance with this wild boy.

I'll post a picture later today. If I can get him to sit still for it. :)


Thank you for being here!


Kathy, Jack, and the family

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Congratulations on your new addition, and welcome to the boards.


Jack sounds like quite the handful. Can't wait to see a picture. :)


One thing I'll recommend right away is that when Jack does slow down or even just crashes after all his wild activity, is that you calmly and quietly praise him for being still. Even if it's not really of his choosing, like when he just gets tired and needs to sleep, it will help him learn that this is a good thing to do and something you like. It's something far too few people think to do with their very active puppies until it's too late and they've inadvertently reinforced the wild behavior and overlooked praising calm and quiet. :o

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Thanks, guys!

I introduced him to his toys this morning, and he's one happy boy! He was crying and wagging for the first little while that he played with his kong, and watching him pounce a tennis ball is just a joy. Nap time soon for him while I run my daughter to the doctor. I will certainly praise him when quiet. Starting today!

I attempted to take his picture earlier, and by the time I got set up where I could see him without trying to "set" him in a pose, my batteries went dead. HAhaha, I'll get one sooner or later. :) Then I'll start researching that "off switch."

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Jack noses my camera every time he sees it. Maybe later I can get husband to hold his leash while I try it again.


He's such a quick student. I'd read they were smart but my goodness! He's already learning that mama's not going to give him what he wants if he's jumping around like a lunatic. I'm not going to get much one-on-one time until Monday though, when the kids go back to school. I'm really happy with him. There are a few things that need attention with him but I think we can work through it. One is having a fit when I crate him to eat. I guess he thinks he will stay in there forever. He eats in less than 5 minutes, so if I can get him to chill (even for a couple of seconds) I let him out. We also play a game with it throughout the day. In, out, in, out. Right now though, he's barking at me and scratching around. Do I completely ignore this? Thank you ;)

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Welcome aboard! I can't wait to see a picture of your little whirlwind. You are so lucky that he is both smart and food-motivated. You can have him work for some of his kibble! You'll have him sitting, lying down, going in his crate, and lots more in no time. And you can bet he will enjoy your training sessions, the best game ever.

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He's awesome! And learned "leave it" in 5 minutes. I took him to the kitchen and commanded the family to leave us alone-- he kept going after my daughter's pom-pom's (she's 4 1/2). He now ignores that particular toy and dropped another toy and ran to me on another. Such a sweet, smart boy. We're still working on the default behavior, but he's settled down about 50% since that first night I brought him home.

I love this boy! I think we're both in heaven, LOL.

And yes-- there is mischief there. I believe if we weren't in tune he'd probably get in a heap of trouble! ;P


I ordered a couple of other books today. I have the "Really Reliable Recall" DVD and "Control Unleashed" for puppies. I'd like to get more training help with him (so I can keep up with him! Really!). At some point I'd like to see what he's "into," I guess you'd say, whether it's agility, flyball, disc, or herding.. or heck even if he just wants to train and watch cartoon network, haha. Not that I know a blasted thing about herding, or where in my area I'd even be able to expose him to it. Anyway, that's down the road. I'm still working on getting him to not pee on my kitchen floor. Have a good night, and thank y'all again for being here.

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Hey all,

I've got an issue hopefully yall can help me with. I've searched all over google and didn't find anything but "funny" vids of dogs on trampolines...

Jack goes bats**t crazy when the kids get on the trampoline. He exploded from my side full tilt and slammed my arse to the ground trying to get to the trampoline. **pain** I can't believe sometimes that he's only 4 months old.

I took him all around the trampoline (when the kids were in the house) and even put him up on it to sniff around - under my control of course. He's completely fine until somebody gets on it.

He also snaps the air when an airplane goes by. It's really weird to watch, and completely distracts him from me.


What else can I do to help him with this? He completely loses his mind if they go on the trampoline and I can't get his attention unless I drag him around the back of the house.


Besides that and me having confidence issues, I think he's doing ok. He's a good pup.

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I'm a pretty novice dog owner, but I would guess his issue is not with the trampoline itself, but the movement that occurs once the kids hop on and start jumping around. This breed is already known for being "motion activated" so I can only begin to imagine how excited he gets when people start using the trampoline...


I'd work on desensitizing him to the trampoline and the kids using it. The key to this is going to be keeping him "under threshold". IOW you are going to want to take baby steps and not let him get to that "bats**t crazy" state of mind at any point. I'd inlist the help of the kids, too! It would be a fun way to have them help train him!


It sounds like he is already pretty calm when no one is on the trampoline, but I'd still start there. Have him do focus work (watching you and some basic obedience) while next to the trampoline. Treat him for being calm and performing the asked behaviors. Then, bring the kids into the picture.


It sounds like he starts to get excited as soon as they move to toward the trampoline. Allow the kids to walk towards the trampoline and you (or they) can reward Jack for remaining calm. Watch him closely, if he starts to get too excited or is about to ramp up, ask the kids to stop moving towards the trampoline. The goal is to have Jack remain calm and I would expect this process to take some time. Plan to do daily training sessions with Jack and the kids and, overtime, they should be able to get closer and closer to the trampoline while you ask Jack for calm behaviors. Eventually, once they are able to climb up on the trampoline with jack remaining calm you may even want to have them ask him for some behaviors and reward him with treats (i.e. kid is on top of trampoline, asks Jack to sit, and tosses a treat when Jack sits).


Once you get to the stage where the movement (jumping) starts you may need to move a good distance away from the trampoline, as this will likely be the biggest hurdle. You want to keep Jack far enough away from the movement that he can see it but not over-react to it. Again, reward for calm behavior/focus and move closer to the movement when Jack can handle it. Another important point... while you are working on training him not to go bonkers about people jumping up and down on the trampoline it is extremely important that you not allow him to practice the behavior. Until he is reliable calm and under control while people are jumping on it, I'd leave him in the house or crate him while your kids play on the trampoline.


You mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you purchased the "Control Unleashed" puppy book. Have you read about the "Look At That" game yet? It might be helpful for this, too. I'd *train* him the "Look At That" game on things that don't get him wound up and then, once he understands the game, use it to help with issues like this and the airplanes.


Goodness, that was a lot to type and I'm sure it was a lot to read. So I'll wrap it up with just one more disclaimer... I'm not pro, but wanted to offer the advice I could. If you haven't yet, I would get enrolled into a positive reinforcement puppy class with Jack. A good instructor will give you a great foundation to work through many issues and often will be happy to give advice on specific concerns throughout the class. Hope this helped... sorry it was a bit of a novel. Good luck!

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Thank you ,Camden's mom. The next class is February 18th, and I'm guessing he's going to look like a giant in the puppy class. LOL. But, I'll take it. :)

The kids love to "help" train Jack. I get a little frustrated with them cause they just want to 'click' all the time- I usually will send them outside away from me and the pup to get that out of their system before they assist.

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