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My manager's cousin is moving out of country and can not take his pb BC with him. He is 9 months old intact house pup. I spoke to my parents about him because he sounds like he will be perfect for them. Manager is bringing him to work with her tomorrow so I can meet him. Once my mom gets off work(student aid). She's going to drive over to get him and his stuff. We are all very excited! I will be sure to get pictures of course.

First off I know with Labs, if you are a responsible dog owner, you should really let them grow to two years before you fix them. That way their growth plates close and they are truly full grown. What do most do with their BC's? Also are their differences in vari kennels compared to pet porters? One sturdier than the other?


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not sure why this thread is called "weekend trial"?? trial period with the dog?? hope the meeting goes well.

don't have much info on neutering, all my dogs have come to me at 1 yr. plus. as for crates, depends on the dog. mine have always done well with the collapsible wire crates, but they are not destructive dogs.

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First off I know with Labs, if you are a responsible dog owner, you should really let them grow to two years before you fix them. That way their growth plates close and they are truly full grown.


Most people (including me) I know have their dogs neutered between 6 and 12 months with no ill effects and those dogs go on to have a long agility career. We are not irresponsible or uninformed owners; many years of active dog ownership teaches you a lot about risk assessment and dog health.


The likelihood of possible ill effects of early neutering are exaggerated by many.


When to neuter is not just a physical question, it's behavioural as well. The longer you leave it the longer the dog has to learn hormone related behaviours that you don't want and once they have got into the habit the chance of the behaviours disappearing after neutering is small.


You need to look at the bigger picture.


A friend with a lovely even tempered lab was asking my advice on whether to have him neutered. He's nearly 2 so that wasn't the issue. I told her that even if he was great with other dogs and is no trouble at all as he is he may become the victim of other entire dogs and may start to become less tolerant of them. My prediction has come true, and actually she realises that it had been happening for quite a while but she hadn't noticed, so he's booked in at the vets for his own good.


I'll give another example of a friend's collie that become dog (and to a lesser extent) people aggressive when his hormones kicked in. He had to wait until about 14 months to be neutered because he needed a shoulder op for OCD but one done there was a dramatic change in his behaviour for the better. Unfortunately he had too long for his behaviour to become a habit and he can still be a bit unpredictable but he really is so much better now - and his shoulder is fine.


You need to take each dog as an individual and not rely completely on rules that others may give you.


I try my best to give balanced advice and I do point people towards the available information whether it supports my view or not but ultimately it is the owner's right to make an informed choice for their particular dog.

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Here he is. This was at work today.









Sorry for crappy quality on last two. Patch and him got along great. He is eight months old. He marked allot in that kennel at work today. So far hasn't tried it in the house, but keeping a leash and taking him out frequently.

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He's really cute. How did the trial run go?

Not so great. He is a young energetic boy my mother apparently did not understand. He had marking issues really bad. Had to wear a male wrap the whole time. No one had taught him bite inhibition so he bites when playing with toys because he gets over stimulated.

Obviously all those things can be worked on and was getting better in just the week my parents had him, but he is not the right dog for them. I am helping my manager to find him a good home. We are on our way back from Wisconsin with a 15 month old female named Tink. She's been in foster care for five weeks. Her foster mom thinks she will be wonderful for my parents. I will post more about her.

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What Sue said.


Both the marking and the lack of bite inhibition are definitely things that can be worked on. Bodhi had problems with both when I adopted him and he came around quickly. But if your mother wasn't clicking with him, it's for the best that he finds another home. Everyone will end up happier that way.


Tink was one of the names I was considering when I got my last dog! Can't wait to hear about her.

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