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"I didn't do it!!" :P

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Gypsy's growing inches each day, so today I took some more pictures of her. I know I sure regret not taking more pictures of our first family dog when he was young, so I suppose I'm trying to make up for it by taking tons of my little girl!


Gypsy and big brother Milford watching TV



What a little princess!



Preview of what she's gonna look like with ears all the way up?



Enjoying the day



Little Miss Trouble!






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How lovely. Such a cute puppy. Wonderful.


I also have a little Miss Trouble. Deary a one and a half years young Australian Shepherd female. When she has the chance to go into the washroom she takes the toilet paper like yours.

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I love the second "Diva" picture


Toilet Paper? Did someone said that? Shhhh, or else Ouzo will rush and eat it :rolleyes: (still does that at 15 months - for the last 13 months the TP has been sitting on the counter instead of on it's roll!)

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That's one cool looking pup! I bet she's fun. That's really funny. Sage did that when she was a puppy too, but she found out that it sticks in your mouth Black Jack hasn't seen the TP yet. Probably a good thing :rolleyes:


I think Black Jack has that same style of name tag. lol. I got it from PetCo at the tag making thing.

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