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Foster may not have been a border collie but she was an australian cattledog. So I figure that still counts.


I had to make the decision to release her from her pain yesterday as she took a turn for the worst late last week. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and her quality of life sucked by Saturday.


Foster was my first flyball dog and introduced me the wonderful world of dogsports. I started flyball because she needed a serious outlet. She came off a working farm and had the energy and intelligence that made us realize she needed more and well cattle was not something we could provide. Because of flyball I found Charlotte whom we lost about 7.5 years ago from GI Tract Lymphoma and she was only 4 yrs old. Foster and Charlotte made up my "handles" like site names, email, etc... (FosChar). I will keep the handle but I no longer have FosChar in my life.


Foster loved her flyball. She came back from TPLO on one knee when she was 7 yrs and the second knee at 9 yrs and continued to play flyball until a year ago at the age of 12.5 yrs of age. She had to have plates removed in one of the legs last March from a raging infection/reaction. Then back in June/July she was diagnosed with Oral Melanoma which we had removed. Up until recently she was still able to play and seemed to enjoy life just at a much slower rate.


I think the Oral Melanoma got her in the end though. She had new masses/tumors coming up and she was most likely in kidney failure the last couple days. She could barely walk or stand any more.


We did right by her and ended the suffering but damn the hole in my heart is huge. She was mainly my husband's dog but in flyball she was all mine. She was awesome and always gave 150% at everything ever asked of her.


She will be missed by many but she is now reunited with Charlotte at the Rainbow Bridge so in a way my "handle" does still exist just not here.

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Kim, you wrote this post in Mar of 06 in response to an inquiry about cattle dog characteristics:


ACD - cattleherding dog from Australia. They are hard-headed, stubborn dogs and you just want to smack them numerous times a day. I love my acd


I remember chuckling while nodding my head as I read it. In fact, it so strongly resonated with me that I frequently recited it as part of my internal monologue from that point on. (Minnie, the dog in my avatar who I lost in 08 was an ACD) .


I am so sorry for your loss. Run free Foster, you will be missed.

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A good dog is a good dog, no matter what breed or combination of breeds. And you had a good dog. Sometimes, it's the dog that seems hardest to get through to that will become the dog you are closest to.


Sorry you've lost her but you both had many good years together, and you did the right thing. Debbie Crowder said that it's what we do because we love them so much, and she was right.

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Nancy I totally forgot that quote. That is awesome you still found it handy. Foster was special and is missed but I know she is better off now.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It does suck but I would not trade it for anything because I love my dogs and will always them.

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