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United Airlines online store is selling puppies

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I got this information from someone I know in BC Rescue in California. The United Airlines online store is now selling "45 different breeds of pure bred and designer puppies" that you can order online and pay for with mileage points.


Here is the link: Potomac Kennels


I think that UA should get a barrage of letters and emails and phone calls to get them to stop this. I am posting this to all the dog people I know and urging them to take some kind of action.


Here is a link to a place where you can write to them to protest:


Contact UA


This is an excerpt from a couple of online reviews of Potomac kennels:


"Please let me describe the surroundings: you walk

into the store, and the stench hits you immediately. But maybe you a

willing to forgive that because it is a petstore and there would be smells

anyway. But the dogs are keep in the back, in a closed room, where you can

view then from a large glass window. Why, then, is the stench so

overpowering, even though these animals are keep so far back behind closed

doors? The cages they are kept in are stacked on top of each other, with

feces stuck to the bottom of the cages and the animals feet. There seemed

... The negative reviews here have been more than right. We've been going

to Potomac Kennels for a couple months... the squalid surroundings … the

stench hits you immediately…The cages they are kept in are stacked on top

of each other, with feces stuck to the bottom of the cages and the animals

feet… There seemed to be a week's worth of filth collecting in each tray

under each puppy's cage."


Of course, please cross-post this information. It would be good for UA to get a message about what they are promoting. :angry:



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Ugh, that is horrible. They are shipping in puppies from Missouri to sell in their store, where the puppies get sick because the hygiene is so bad. If they weren't sick already coming from the puppy mill in Missouri. United will hear from us. My husband has over 2 million actual flight miles on United, so maybe they will hear him. Maybe. Gaahhh.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am a long-time Mileage Plus member and have just sent them a note using this contact form: http://pss.united.com/web/en-US/content/Contact/customer/default.aspx


You can also send them snail mail; there's a mailing address at the bottom of the page above.

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