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  1. I think something similar to what they did to the dog would be fitting.
  2. This is the first I've heard of it and oh the tears that came with looking at the pictures. I can't imagine the rage and heartbreak I'd be feeling if this was my dog. Going to hug my boy now.
  3. I too have a dog that doesn't like overbearing dogs. When he's had enough (which doesn't take much), he'll walk away. If the dog follows him and continues, then he'll snap or show teeth. Boxers seem to bother him the most. When he was younger, about from puppy to 1 year, he didn't care who he played with. Now he's very choosy, only playing with dogs he knows, and very sparingly. I was told he's a Border Collie/ Lab mix, funny enough. I can understand why people would pin BC's as aggressive, they're smart enough to know when other dogs are being rude I think any real aggression would more than likely be a product of the dogs upbringing and/or experiences. (Bad owner, being a stray, ect.) My two cents.
  4. I got Oliver's at Petsmart last year and its just fine, looks new.
  5. Oliver too knows he isn't allowed to have any human food, but he's an opportunist and figures he's only in trouble if he's caught. When he was a puppy he stole a kneaded eraser (the gray ones you can squish and mold) out of my school bag and ate it. Twice now he's gotten into my purse and eaten my lip gloss, I finally know not to leave it lying around... And recently he snatched a whole half of an avocado and cleaned the shell better than I could have.
  6. "All of our puppies are current with their vaccinations, come with health guarantees and training." Puppies that come with training? No way! How can anyone be stupid enough to believe this?
  7. While growing up my family had a Springer Spaniel, and even though he was the family dog I always wanted one that was mine. My dad decided to put him down at 16 due to decreasing health, I was 10. A few years later I started asking if I could get a dog and the answer was always no. On my 17th birthday I I was deemed responsible enough and my mom took me out to pick up a puppy from an add we'd seen. "BC/Lab mix puppies." At the time I had no experience with being the primary care giver for a dog, let alone a BC). I've had Oliver for 2 years now and all other breeds just don't do it for me anymore. His intelligence, personality, and like others have said, the understanding behind his eyes. When I'm in a position to care for more than one dog I know I'll be searching shelters and rescues for a BC. Everything about these dogs screams brilliance, and they're pretty darn cute, too. It blows my mind how he picks up tricks in 15 min or less. My preference is a split or all white face, but I love the classic b&w as well. And to think before Oliver my favorite breed was Alaskan Malamutes! I don't regret picking up my boy when he was little less than 6 weeks old for $40 from a less than reputable source. (And thanks to this board I've learned a ton about keeping him physically and mentally challenged.) He's everything I could ever want from a dog.
  8. I went to Soldier Hollow this year and thought it was great. I had forgotten sunscreen and an umbrella so I got pretty sun burnt, but it was a neat experience. There are bleachers for spectators or you can bring your own chair. The dock diving was pretty cool as well. There was even a booth for WBCR
  9. I remember riding my ATV last summer (which tells you what mph you're going) and Oli, having been left behind and not liking it, took off after me. I didn't notice him until I was going at least 30mph and he caught up to me. He couldn't run like that for long, but he's a heck of a sprinter. And to think I used to be able to outrun him when he was a pup
  10. I'm with Danielle on Acana or Orijen. My boys gets Acana, the cheaper version of Orijen from the same company, Champion Petfoods. When I got him at 6 weeks he was on Eukanuba and his coat was dull, so I did some research and switched to Innova. Since Innova's 'joining' with P&G I've switched to Acana and love it. Oliver's coat is so silky and shiny I could pet him all day - which he would have no qualms over ^.^ I'm a firm believer that any dog food that contains corn is crap. Also that at least the first ingredient should be meat. Its great if you have a picky eater, it has a high palatability. Also, the less grains in a dog food the less likely food allergies are to arise. The only downside is that it isn't exactly cheap. A 30lb bag is $60 where I live, good thing I only have one dog There are lots of other good dog foods out there, Acana/Orijen is just the one I chose.
  11. I have a Border Collie mix and he's very, very calm 85% of the time. I've had friends with purebred Border Collies tell me how surprised they are that he doesn't obsess or is always hyper. But then again, whenever we're out hiking or something he can go forever. He's smart as a whip, too! Though I wish he'd chase tennis balls outside too instead of strictly indoors... haven't quite figured out why that is.
  12. Awww, almost makes me want a puppy
  13. I feed Acana, just because I don't know where to start with raw and am content with kibble. When I got him he was on Eukanuba puppy kibble and his coat was dry and dull. Now he's all sorts of shiny!
  14. I had wanted a dog of my own for a long time, but my parents had always told me no. That I wouldn't pick up after it and all that goes along with owing a pet, that it would be their dog to take care of. Finally, for my 17th birthday I was told yes. I scoured the internet and found an add in KSL of a lady looking to sell her Border Collie/Lab mix puppies. I looked no further, I called her and the next day we went to pick up Oliver. Looking back now, I wish I would have adopted or rescued also the fact that the puppies were 5 weeks old and I got first pick is a red flag of sorts. I was young and didn't do my research, but I wouldn't have changed anything. I love my dog. He is so smart, affectionate, and beautiful. I was told his mother was half BC and half Lab, while his father was purebred BC, and to be honest I could care less. Oliver turned 2 on the 19th of this month and I baked him a cupcake and bought him some Frosty Paws and sang to him. My friends think I'm nuts, but they don't have a dog of their own. (Also, being 18 you wouldn't expect a teenage girl to love her dog more than boys and whatnot. xD) After I got Oliver I started to do more research on Border Collies and fell more and more in love with them. Watching them herd is mesmerizing and the extent to which they understand you is amazing. I started teaching Oliver neat little tricks - which he picked up in 5-15 minutes every time. When I move out of my parents place I intend on rescuing a Border Collie, I've found my breed of choice. To me, no other dogs can compare. They're beautiful, brilliant, athletic, always ready to go, and to my surprise very, very loving. He's my shadow at home and goes everywhere with me. After /walk/park/play Oliver is always either sitting at/on my feet or on my lap. He doesn't play fetch endlessly, which I was bummed about at first, but I don't really care now. I'm glad I got him when I did, when I was old enough to know what it meant to care for something. Paying for vet bills, food, toys, and also caring for them. Grooming, exercising, and training. I'm almost 19 now and he's 2, and we start agility this fall Oli has taught me so much, and as much as I would love to have a 'purebred' BC, I wouldn't trade my boy for the world. Every Border Collie I've ever met is always so in tune with their owners. I love the fact they're a one person dog, it makes the bond that much stronger. Where ever we go Oliver is always right there with me, never going too far ahead and always waiting to see what we're doing next.
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