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Well, our "winter obedience adventure" has come to a close with our last obedience trial for the season!!! On to sheepdog trials for the spring and summer!!!!


I am SSSOOOO PPPRROOUUUDDD of my boy!!! He more than met my expectations for his 60 days of trialing in Open A!!! Ten trials...ten Q's..7 first places, 2 seconds, a 3rd and one HIT!! His average score was a 198!!! His consistency and drive to work for me was amazing, we couldnt have done it without our awesome partnership!!! Mt favorite compliments had to be the ones about what a GREAT relationship we had!! And how he was always so happy and focused in the ring!!


It was a TON of fun!!! And I learned so much a newer trainer/handler!!!! Love ya big man, thanks for the fun ride so far :)

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GREAT JOB!!! Sounds like all your hard work payed off!!! I have to say I LOVE how much the relationship with your dog has an impact on how well you do in competitive obedience!!! Training methods and relationships are put to the test!!! Looks like you're heading the right direction with your boy!!


Keep up the good work!! Would love to see a video sometime!!

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