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Big Day Tomorrow!!

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Tessa and I are going to her first ever Freestyle competition. I am very excited, and nervous, but mostly excited.


I actually had to scrap the routine we were working on because it wasn't working for Tessa (my fault for not arranging more training time in a big area before spending time on it). I made up a completely new routine, listening to different music in my car, on the way home from that training session!


I'm happy with the routine, though. Sometimes I pull one out of thin air that ends up being a really good one. I think this might be one of those.


I wish we had been able to have more rehearsal time, but we aren't exactly winging it, either. I think it is going to work out well.


My prop jump is wrapped in shiny streamer stuff, my skirt is made, Tessa's bandana is made, the music is burned, and we are all ready to go!!


This is exciting. Much as I love Agility, Freestyle is really "my thing". I am really anticipating diving into this with this very talented and eager girl. I think she is going to be a fine performer and this is going to be the start of something very good.

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Update: It went really well!! :)




Nutshell summary:


She did an awesome job, especially considering the fact that we had not rehearsed the routine before the performance!


We ended up qualifying - her first Freestyle Q!!! And we got first place!! :)


We also got an award for Most Bonded Team, and that actually meant more to me than the Q!! That was out of everybody at the competition, including the advanced teams!


I do have video, and it is posted on Tessa's Dance Blog, along with some other pictures, and a detailed description of our day.


You can find the post here, if you want to see the video, or read more about our day:


Tessa's First Freestyle Competition


I am very, very, VERY excited about getting into more Freestyle with Tessa. She did an awesome job and she has "sky's the limit" potential!! :)

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Good Job! Tessa's tail never stopped wagging.




You know, I didn't even look at her tail until after I saw your post. You're right!! It never did!!


She is a very joyful performer!!

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