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Went to vet's to get Daniel's Sentinel today and was told it was no longer available and they had no idea when it would be. Sold me Trifexis instead. I think that's what the rescue was giving him, but he was only in the foster home for about a month before we adopted him so he hadn't been on it very long.


Searched the boards for info--looked like the last post was in 2011. Anything new on this?



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Sentinel is milbemycin (the heartworm/hookworm/roundworm/whipworm part) plus lufenuron (flea birth control) Trifexis is milbemycin (as above) plus spinosad. spinosad is also the active ingredient in Comfortis. It is a flea adulticide, so it actually kills fleas instead of just acting as a flea sterilization tool.


It is safe for herding breeds. Like Sentinel, it is administered monthly and must be given with a meal for the flea control portion to work effectively. Approximately 5-10% of dogs will vomit the first time they take spinosad, with the incidence of vomiting decreasing to <3% of dogs by the third dose. The tablet is flavored but the spinosad molecule is quite bitter, so some dogs do not like the taste of the flavor tab and it must be disguised.


While Trifexis itself is fairly new, milbemycin has been around as a heartworm preventative for decades and spinosad/Comfortis for about 5 years or so.


Your other option would be to use Interceptor (which is only milbemycin) and a topical flea preventive.



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As described in the link, the production hiccup that affects Sentinel also includes Interceptor. Novartis has been a little misleading with regard to when these products will become available again. At first their message was indefinite backorder. But within the last week, our clinic has recieved limited stock (an occasional sleeve or two) which we have been told comes from the company's stockpile. We have no information regarding when production will be resumed.


The Merial rep who was here this week (trying to step in with Heartgard) says that it may be several months before the Novartis products are back on the market.

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Thank you for the very useful information, Alanna! Tomorrow is my dogs' monthly pill day, and after that, we need to restock. So I appreciate being armed with this information.


You're welcome. Of course all the hw preventive doses are safe for herding breeds. I only mentioned it specifically in case anyone was wondering. I live in flea country (FL) and we sell lots of Trifexis and Comfortis at our clinic because the flea control is so efficacious and people love both meds in one pill, not to mention it is more cost effective. I have not heard anything thus far about Sentinel being discontinued, but Novartis is in a bit of a mess right now and even though Sentinel is a good product, I suspect the addition of Trifexis to the playing field will seriously cut into its market share. Now if anyone could ever figure out something orally for ticks, we would be set!

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