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What type of mix is my foster

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Our current foster is a bit of a mystery, he is smooth coated, marked like a Border Collie but seems to have another breed lurking in there. The vet thinks he is about 5 months old. His coat is course, but he has lovely silky ears. He is small, has a stiff legged gait like a terrier. He is very fast when playing with our dogs, but settles very well in his crate, just does not seem to have the go go personality of a terrier. He also has a tail that curls in a full circle. He is a dog with no background, found as a stray, pulled by an all breed rescue who do not do Border Collies so got farmed out again.


Any one want to play guess the dog: sorry the pictures are not better, my hands were turning to ice cubes.

post-9159-069713000 1326923733_thumb.jpg

post-9159-051386900 1326923789_thumb.jpg

post-9159-099465800 1326923802_thumb.jpg

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I was going to say Beagle or even Lab. The Beagle would also explain his tail being up so much.


Yes, I thought Lab at first, too...But he looks to be on the small side for even a 5 month old Border Collie, so I think he's probably mixed with something smaller.

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Thanks for everyone's input, my first guess was a beagle as his head reminded me of my late gsd/beagle and he has those lovely soft ears, my husband was voting for jack russell due to his running motion and overall look. He is to small for a lab. He has only been with us for 3 days but he does not have the brains of a border collie or jack, he a nice dog but has no spark.


What we have found interesting is that the border collie rescues that have passed through have made the two residents a little uncomfortable, as they tried to work out how the pack was going to work, but they also seemed to enjoy playing and interacting with them, this guy they just sort of ignore just like they do when we have a dog house guest.

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Your foster dog looks a lot like one of my foster dogs from a couple of years ago.






If you look at him, you might think he's probably a lab/bc mix. But, here is one of his littermates.




And, here is another littermate.




If you look at the littermates, you might think they're some sort of corgi/bc mix, or JRT/bc, or something similar. Some puppies in this litter had long legs and some had short legs. I think that once a dog is mixed, and especially if it is a mix of mixes, it's really tough to tease out what breeds may be in there. I usually rely more on behavior to help me decide than looks. Whatever yours is, he's sure cute!

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