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  1. Been a little while, but things with Tuesday are great. She's a wonderful dogs, excitement pees but that's about her only obnoxious trait. My question though.... Tues is about nine months old now, still a pup, but I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or if I'm overestimating a dog's abilities. My goal is to train her to search out rubber grenades that people frequently losing on our airsoft field, maybe this is lofty, lemme know, but its going fairly well, she's definitely got the concept of the game down. I am, however, concerned that she always searches in the same patterns and doesn't seem to depend or use her nose hardly at all. The toys are fairly strong scented, even I could find them by nose if I had to. I don't want her to only use sight as they toys sometimes get hidden by bushes, is there anyway to encourage her into using her nose or will she eventually figure out that its a faster method to getting a treat? She's been great though, always trying to herd our malamute when we're on free runs. -shakes head-
  2. I'm interested in purchasing the puppy version but I can't seem to find it (I think, or is this the one) can anyone give me a link so I can purchase it?
  3. Thank you, I never really considered this, but I could see how it would come in handy. Is there anything special to it or do I just say, "Okay" after I receive the behavior I want for the duration I want and then treat? Her focus never ceases to amaze me, she actually learned everything but "wait" and "leave it" with him near by. Nick can be a bit of a punk from time to time, but for the most part if I give him a kong or something for him to work on he stays out of the way. With Tuesday I pick things I think she can handle even with the distraction, while, with Nick everything must be learned with absolutely no distractions.
  4. Actually this was sort of a big deal to me, I noticed that small break when I saw the recording. Breaking the wait (which is the term I use for stay, I know not really standard) is the one I really don't approve of. I'll have to be careful to make sure I don't allow this or allow myself to set her up for failing. I think the phasing out the hand jesters will help remove this issue because I tend to use verbal as an emphasis, even though I really want the hand jester to be an emphasis. So something for me so sort out, thank you. And yes, I completely agree, it's very interesting to see the recordings because I can make modifications to my behavoirs to help teach her.
  5. Yes, I noticed that too, I occasionally fall into the habit, but I have to ask, if she doesn't give me behavior I want, what should I do?
  6. I just realized this would probably have been better suited for the training board.
  7. EDITS: Corrected my many mistakes in italics Alright, my Tuesday is now... 18 weeks I believe. Let me tell you, she is so vastly different from her playmate Nick, it's hard for me to believe I'm not dreaming. I'm so far from being perfect, and watching the recording I see a lot of my errors, bad timing and some letting things slide. Letting her slide doesn't bother me too much, I'm looking mostly for the effort and a decent approximation of what I'm asking and hope to refine her from there. I dunno if this is a bad idea, but please feel free to critique errors you see, I'm trying to get better, and I have to say Tuesday's ability and desire amaze me after years of working with a Malamute. Sometimes I feel like she's in my head, like she sort of knows what I want even before I really teach her. I didn't video tape it, but she easily went from getting on the crate to getting in the crate. I'm just like... awed because with Nick everything was such a struggle to convey to him, anything that wasn't explicitly taught to him he didn't bother trying to figure out (not even food puzzles). So yes, I feel like she's reading my mind because she's working out and making guesses as to what I want her to do. Also, I have to say, sometimes a little training solves more issues than I thought. A few weeks ago, Tuesday was terrified of the car, it was a fight to get her in it, and usually ended up with a lot of urine everywhere. Ick. Finally I decided maybe I'd just teach her to get in herself. I threw a handful of hotdog pieces in the back seat (with the car off) and after about two minutes she was jumping in an out of the car on command, then turning the car on made absolutely no difference to her, she was getting in and out and now if we walk anywhere near the car she tries to get me to open it so she can get it (which really spurred me to start working harder on the "Wait" command. It was amazing to see her go from running in terror and hiding when the car turned on, or we tried to get her into it to within a couple of minutes not being able to wait to be in the car and go on a ride. Yay training! Yay my Tuesday! Still not sure what her mix is... she's getting quite leggy and her ears are beginning to stand up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iZ23V8xFmo This second one was the experimental try. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlFCXbr4FGE
  8. Interesting, I never thought of "it's yer choice" as a game or ever knew it had a name, it's very close to what's mandatory for my dogs to get their food. I hate when dogs maul you for their food and it's their job to sit and wait patiently until I cue them that it's okay to eat (I put the food bowl down and stand up and say 'Eat') it's taught exactly like the video. It took Tuesday a while to understand that she has to wait for /her/ food bowl and not just any food bowl. The video did make me think it's time for more impulse control work though.
  9. Oh my, that just made my day, very funny.
  10. Wow, car space was definitely never something I really considered, vacationing either, although we tend to camp when we vacation, which is fine for one or two dogs, but when I start thinking about more than two there's no way with the current family/ vehicle situation, someone would need to be babysat. (Glad I only have the two currently.)
  11. I'm not planning on adding another dog for a long time, most likely not until Tuesday begins to grows out of her puppy stage, but I have noticed that many people have several dogs. I've often thought that some day I'd like to have a small pack (when I have the time and money... might not be until I'm retired!) but, I've also wondered what considerations go into this. It's nothing technical, I'm just wondering about personal considerations. How much space would you deem physically necessary for each dog? How do you determine if you have enough time for another dog? When you have 4 or 5 dogs what causes you to consider getting another one? If you have more than 3+ dogs what are typical responses from people who find out about your pack? Any other things you consider when taking on another pet?
  12. To be completely honest I'm not sure if I understand the difference.
  13. Hmm. I'm still not a 100% on what I'm going to do about the stand. I do want a dog where I can touch her body during a stand... like the stands you see in conformation... not the long outstretched legs necessarily but where the dog remains still while being handled. Of course the dog knowing what "stand" means would be helpful. The "300 Pigeon Peck" I think will be helpful, but I don't think she actually understands the stand command... maybe just a little more patience with the hand targeting/luring and she'll get it. We'll see.
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