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  1. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I really do not think that punishing him for that is going to do any good. In his mind, this is HIS toy, and the other dog is trying to take it. He warns the other animal away, and you punish him for giving that warning, and then give his toy, which he was trying to protect, to the other dog. I had this issue with a dog before, but he wasn't with me long enough for me to be able to fix it. However I was told that fixing dog/dog posession is much more difficult than fixing dog/human posession, but that it should be treated the same way. He ne
  2. I might be more inclined to call it 'mischief'! Don't let that I'm-so-innocent look fool you! lol! She doesn't have much in the way of humor, it took me 2 years to teach her to play with toys! And she will still only play if the foster dog isn't around. If I pick up a toy while there's another dog around, she runs out behind them and starts to herd.
  3. Hi guys! I haven't been on here in quite a long time, I got busy with school, foster dogs, health issues, moving, and just life in general! I moved from Sacramento to Redding, CA a couple of months ago and have not had any luck finding a herding instructor up here. We were previously working with Rusty Jeffers, and on occasion Nola Jones, from Performance Dogs in Action in Pleasant Grove, CA. Nelly does not like to work unless I am out there shadowing the instructor, however she would (a bit reluctantly) work for Rusty while I was at the fence. She just seemed to like him better. She's
  4. By the way, has anyone on here ever seen a smooth coated AKC Border Collie?
  5. That's exactly what I was thinking! Chances are low that they'll actually start encouraging breeding for working ability over conformation, but ya never know
  6. The AKC's Border Collie Society of America is holding a survey, and will be revising the breed standard if enough people want them to. The survey is here; http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CXWHFG8 And be sure to send in comments here; standard@bordercolliesociety.com The people I've talked to so far have sent in comments suggesting to focus on working ability over conformation. I don't know what the chances are that they'll actually do this, but if enough people speak up they may listen. Worth a shot, hmm?
  7. This is awful. It's hard enough for people to find their lost pets - and giving them only 72 hours to do so? And all to save "$23 million dollars - or 1/5th of 1% of California's budget. Some state that the repeal might not even save that much." Adri
  8. Oh yes, that face is just to die for That face in the first picture is what I see whenever he's "relaxing". I know he's probably thinking "treat...treat...must hold still..." I was just taking him in for two weeks to make a video for him, to hopefully generate more interest in him...And after this I have to take a short break from fostering since I'm not going to be home for a few weeks. But I may ask to have him back aftwerwards so I can work with him more. He's a good boy, and learning very fast!
  9. Hahah, how does he manage that?! We used to have sinking algae wafers for my Mystery Snails(now I just put in lettuce for them), and I once caught Nelly eating them out of the package that got left open. Naughty dog!
  10. Did this. He thought it was just another trick he was learning, and was very intently focused on me the whole time. But that's okay, because it's still a lot of progress! That is a great idea, teaching him to settle down on a mat. I'm definitely going to work on that. We made a lot of progress last night, he actually settled down for about two hours!!
  11. I do have live plants. Right now, just two Amazon Swords, but will be adding more soon. Since I used dirty filter media from my old tank I was able to add fish almost right away to my new one. Went and got a Dwarf Gourami from my LFS, and he got ICH when I was gone over the weekend, so I didn't catch it in time to treat it. I tried, but he didn't make it, poor guy ): So my sisters two goldfish that were SUPPOSED to be staying in my tank for just a couple days before being moved to a pond are now on quarantine and undergoing treatment in the smaller tank in my living room. She's not obsessive
  12. This is how my Nelly is. It was after I had first gotten her, before I realized that not all dogs will come lay down next to you when they're tired. She ran so hard that she laid down, and when she tried to stand up, she wobbled and fell back to the ground. Scared the living hell out of me, and since then I have to keep a close eye on her exercise. I normally let her run until she decides she's done(unlikely) or her chin is covered in slobber(eww!). I know by that point that she could very well run more, but that it would be starting to push the boundaries of what she can handle! She loves run
  13. Yes, ever since I got her she's been extremely obsessive. It got a LOT better after she started having jobs to do, but she still is a bit obsessive about some things. Hah! Border Collie TV, I love it. What did you do when the bird couldn't be kept outside, though?
  14. LOL he could care less about me wanting him to calm down! I have tried at least a few of the tricks that people have suggested, and none have worked so far. Even with the Kong, instead of just licking/chewing it, he would lick it a bit, pick it up with his mouth and toss it, and then paw at it, and repeat. I have never seen a dog move as much as this guy does. In fact, he was limping today, and I could not get him to hold still enough for me to take a look at his paws. Eventually I had to give him a very firm "That is ENOUGH, Wiley!" and he looked at me like "Oh, she's serious." and stood sti
  15. Ever since it was set up about a week ago, this is what my dogs life revolves around: I mean, no joke, I hardly even see her any more. She spends all her time staring at the fish. I've put down a towel in front of the tank because she gets so focused that she drools like there's no tomorrow! It used to be the cats, but I didn't really mind that. She would mostly just find the cat that's napping, and lay there staring at him to make sure he stays right where he is. To me, that's much better than her wandering around the house, getting into who knows what kind of trouble! However, t
  16. My Nelly used to be exactly like this, nonstop. She was INSANE. During the day, she'll be doing one of four things: 1. Watching(herding) the fish 2. Shadowing(herding) the cats 3. Begging for attention 4. Sleeping She's either sleeping, or wanting to be doing something. I always get suspicious as to what she's doing when I see her just walking around - usually she's up to no good! Good luck with the new foster Keep me updated, I want to see if any of these tricks work for you!
  17. This sounds like a great idea, however, I can't take him off leash. He's a foster dog, so even if he had a good enough recall, I wouldn't want to risk it. My own dog does that, though! If we go anywhere out in the country/forest, when I let her off leash she wil RUN RUN RUN until a point. Then stop and wait for me to get close enough, then RUN RUN RUN, and repeat. I didnt have to train it into her, though, she just freaks out when she realizes I'm not close enough! Thanks to everyone so far with the great suggestions!
  18. I've forgotten about my Kong! Haven't used it in a while. I always put in a little peanut butter, a lttle wet dog food, and maybe a tiny bit of honey, and then freeze it for a few hours. Entertainment for at least half an hour! I'll definitely have to break that thing out again. I always make outside where exercise is done. I don't want my dogs to expect me to be throwing tennis balls and toys for them in the house. Play time is for outside only, at my house. I'm okay with a chew toy if they're just laying there calmly playing with it, but none of that chasing stuff indoors!
  19. I always act calm when it's time to settle down. But even when I'm doing nothing but laying on my bed, he just paces back and forth. Poor dog, he reminds me a lot of my girl. She used to be like that before she had a job to do. I suspect the people who turned her into the shelter never taught her to settle, either. She was always bouncing off the walls! I'm just not sure how I got her to stop doing that. She still isn't a huge fan of staying still, but she isn't going crazy any more. She really just likes to walk around the house, which I have no problem with. But if I tell her to lie down, sh
  20. Good idea. His highest value reward is definitely the tennis ball, but would it be a bad idea to use that since he gets sooo excited about it? He'll gladly work for food, too!
  21. My newest foster dog has been with rescue for more than half a year now, because he is so insane. He just doesn't stop moving...ever. Today, I took the dogs outside, and I turned on the hose for him. He loves to try to catch the water coming out of it. Played with him for maybe 15 minutes then turned it off. Afterwards, he grabbed his favorite tennis ball and laid down in the grass for about 5 minutes and just looked around. Then he got up, grabbed the soccer ball, and started pushing it around the yard. If there's no toys around, he'll just walk around smelling everything there is to smel
  22. My apologies, I should have been more specific! Yes, it was only links under their "Border Collie Links" page. It's not like the rescue has AKC/AKC-related links covering the home page. If they did, I would not go any further than their home page, my mouse would be all over that X button in a second. And no, as far as I'm aware, they don't get support from an AKC club. That's exactly why I posted this. I was only in the Border Collie world for a couple weeks when I learned about how awful the AKC is. I just have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that someone so invo
  23. Just a quick question. What are your opinions on a Border Collie Rescue that promotes the AKC and Border Collie Society of America, with no mention of the ABCA and other working BC pages? Does it really matter, so long as they are reputable and their dogs are well taken care of? Opinions? Adri
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