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What age does the chest drop?

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Oh I meant it more in terms of you know the pup is teething, but you don't see the pup lose every tooth. I actually have 6-7 of Kestrel's teeth, but that's not typical. I guess it was a bad comparison, but I was basically trying to say that it's something you know happens but you don't always note every instance of the happening....



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Mine did in my late 40's


Exactly what I was thinking.... :lol::lol:


Not sure about the concave chest verses the convex chest. I don't think any of my dogs are concave and I don't remember them as pups to be that was either. I guess I always saw it as filling out. Going from that lean puppy body to the deep chested or wider chest adult. But that doesnt' happen till over a year or so or that is/was my experience.

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