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Red and White smooth coat looking for a job

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I have a friend who took in a ABCA registered Border Collie off of CL. The family was going through a divorce and the dog got the short end of the deal.


She is an eight month old red and white smooth coat. She needs a working home as she is very active. She is crate trained and is learning a down and a recall. Anyone interested please contact me.



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Oh, she's lovely! Hmmm...how far is Savannah from me?? No, don't tell me.


I think it's Rte. 17 to I-95. Not far. Even closer than I am - Durham, NC. Please take her so I don't have to con DH into a new dog before our April trip to Yorkshire. I've kind of promised I wouldn't do that as we'll be gone 3 weeks. He can't leave a dog that long.


And she sure looks perfect for us. Not a working home. But a guarantee of 4-6 1-mile walks a day - and 5K runs when the dog is old enough. Plus, our daughter lives in Eno River State Park and has a dog who loves to have a friend on leashed hikes.

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See, see, this is the problem when I start looking for another dog (now that boards are over, graduation is in sight, and the worst of my rotations are behind me :) I end up looking at posts like this. Her structure is gorgeous, and she looks to have that joyful exuberance for life that makes me love my girl. Darn, I betcha she'd love to learn some agility and be our hiking buddy, maybe she wouldn't even mind not having any sheep with which to play. But we won't be in Georgia until (if) we go to the regionals down there in the summer. If she still needs a home then...


Good luck with her though.

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She is still looking, and I have not yet had time to get her on sheep. I have been working 10 hour days for Dec. and when I get off I'm history. Life will be back to normal after the first and I will see what I can do.


She is a very nice dog. Attached is a still picture that I couldn't rotate without losing part so...just look at her sideways!

post-1604-080314200 1324941505_thumb.jpg

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